Mobile App

My Train Companion

Requires iOS 5.5 or later
Requires Android 4.0 or later

The best App designed to simplify your journey by train in Europe!
Get a reminder of your upcoming trips directly in your agenda, check-out your booking information, browse our station guides which include address and location on maps, find trains to reach one of the 15,000 destinations offered by Rail Europe and reach our customer support whenever you want.
The great thing is that you can use the app either online or offline! Plus you’ll also get to use the app in english.

What’s new in Version 3?

  • Online booking with just a simple click
  • An upgraded user experience with a new ergonomic display
  • A refresh of the application’s design to meet the standards of iOS 8. The application continues to be compatible with iOS 7 and previous versions.

    Download it now for free!

The App’s online features

  • Simple access to our mobile website to make your booking!
  • Import your booking information! The trick is, once retrieved, you can access them even when offline!

The App’s offline features

1. My Trip

2. Station guide

3. Train finder

4. Agenda synchronisation

5. Customer support

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