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Woking, the ideal destination for families!

Woking is located in the south of England, 25 miles kms away on the southwest of London. It is famous for car lovers to house the Mc Laren car racing team. The old village is a pleasant place to stroll about.

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Literature lovers will be pleased to learn that Herbert George Wells, considered as one of the fathers of Science Fiction, lived here and wrote the world-famous "The War of the Worlds".

If you are with children you should head the Birdworld, where you can have a walk around this 26 acres big park and watch different birds such as parrots or Snowy owls. There is even a little safari train! Another option for family leisures is the Leisure Centre and Pool on the Park.

In Woking is the first Mosque built in Britain at the very end of the 19th century. If you need anything, head the Peacock Centre.

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