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Pamplona, you will have a lot to see!

Pamplona is at the crossroad between the spanish, the french and the muslim cultures since ages. Pamplona, also called Iruna in Basque language, is the capital of Navarre. Close to the Pyrenean mountains. As often in Spain, History is all over the place when it comes to such big cities.

About Spain

As the ancient capital of the kingdom of Navarre, Pamplona has a rich royal architecture and legacy. Your eyes will be pleased by the numerous places, buildings and palaces linked to this royal era.

Think of the Plaza del Castillo, the medieval fortifications. or the cathedral Santa Maria la Real, where the kings of Navarre were crowned. It is also a pleasant adventure to dive into the many streets of the charming old city. There you can enjoy the local festival of San Fermin, where bulls run after courageous men every july since ages.

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Barcelona-pamplona in july My planned trip is not yet eligible for reservations yet (from Barcelona to Pamplona on 19 July) but could you tell me the timetable and the price? When may I expect to be able to book the trip? Thank (...)

Barbara L. | 2015/05/02 answered | 0 Comments
Need to get from pamplona to pau region Hi. I will be going to the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. From there i would like to travel to either tarbes or pau in france. i know that theres a train that stops in Hendaye where i will have to change (...)

bar h. | 2015/03/29 answered | 0 Comments
Pamplona to bordeaux Hello, we would like to travel from Pamplona to Bordeaux on July 7th or 8th. These options are not coming up on the website.

Michael S. | 2015/03/24 answered | 0 Comments
Would like to travel from pamplona,spain to vienna on 25aug.2015. Could you advise which would be the best connection from Pamplona via Madrid / Barcelona to Vienna

Irma T. | 2015/01/27 answered | 2 Comments
Travel from pamplona, spain to paris, france travel by train from Pamplona, Spain to Paris, France

Jack L. | 2014/12/14 answered | 0 Comments

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Customer reviews

  • Convenience
    Pamplona - Madrid  | Erwin s. | 2015/07/30
    "The trip was smooth. We left on time and we arrived on time. "

  • Convenience
    Enjoyable Ride | Richard m. | 2015/07/22
    "My train travel was enjoyable and very easy. No delays, comfortable seat, quiet ambiance in my car. I will definitely travel by train again on my next visit to Spain. "

  • Convenience
    Great Service | Erika z. | 2015/07/22
    "As a group of students from the US, the train system was very simple to use. It was prompt, and the departure and arrival times were accurate. "

  • Convenience
    Smooth travel | Elena p. | 2015/07/20
    "On arriving at Barcelona airport on an international flight, the taxi ride to the Barcelona-sants station was about 25 mins. The train travel from here to Pamplona during the San Fermin was without a hitch. Train ride was very comfortable and punctual. Would recommend using the service.@9 "

  • Convenience
    Excellent trip | Stuart b. | 2015/07/20
    "We were a family and it was so relaxed, fast and easy to use. I would take a train over a plane any time and it drops you off in the centre of town. Great service "

  • Value for money
    Trip from Madrid to Pamplona | Erwin s. | 2015/06/05
    "I bought the ticket two months before the trip. Thus, I got it cheap. On the day of my trip, the train left Madrid on time, and it also arrived in Pamplona on time. The only thing that I didn't like was the lack of enough storage space for big bags. I had to put my big and heavy luggage at the overhead rack. "

  • To St Jean Pied du Pont | . | 2015/03/19
    "Coming from South Africa and to use a Renfe Spanish high speed train was an experience. In South Africa I don't use the train as a travel mode, so it was a challenge for me to get onto the train. Every where I asked (in English) for directions, I was very politely treated by all staff. It was a great help to buy the ticket on line in South Africa. I enjoyed the trip and will recommend RailEurope. "

  • Very good | . | 2014/06/09
    "I enjoyed Maodmhnsiah. Required improvement runway and information on these stops. There Improve informing English. Thanks "

  • Value for money
    nice and fast! | Philippe d. | 2013/10/23
    "Fast way to get to Paris central. "

  • Value for money
    Bull Run in Pamplona | Caroline t. | 2013/07/16
    "I recently traveled to Pamplona for San Fermin. As it was a busy time of year we had pre-booked our tickets which was a good thing as the train was packed with many rowdy tourists on their way to Pamplona. My only complaint was that we left the train station in Barcelona an hour after the scheduled time and no reason was given as to why. Otherwise, it was a good trip. "