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A thousand years of history

Nuremberg, the historic touch.

History has left its mark on Bavarian city Nuremberg, with medieval castles and Baroque churches alongside museums dedicated to the post-war Nuremberg Trials. Come December, a homely feel fills the air for the world-famous Christmas market – refuel with the local Drei im Weggla sausages.

About Germany

Start your unforgettable journey in Nuremberg by admiring a splendid view onto the old city from the top of the keep of the 15th and the 16th centuries imperial castle .

Then reach the Marketplace where stands the magnificent gothic "Belle Fontaine" decorated with 40 interesting figures. At the foot of the city walls, you will discover a splendid house from the 15th century: the famous artist Dürer’s house. The Resource Centre has a rich collection of formats about the rising of the Nazism and its history in Nuremberg.

Finally, go to the "Hauptmarkt", the main square, to savour the "Lebkuchen", the traditional German gingerbread.

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