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Gdansk, an amazing polish city on the Baltic sea.

Gdansk is the largest port city of Poland. Located on the Baltic sea, it is 455.000 inhabitants city that probably already existed a thousand years ago. Wandering around the old centre and discover the gothic, nordic renaissance and baroque style architecture.

About Poland

Get prepared to be amazed! Wow seeing the highest astronomical clock in the world (14 meters high), dating back from the 15th century!

Have a glance to the world-largest church made of brick, Ste Mary’s church, or discover the 17th century Royal chapel.Head the Nowy Port lighthouse, you will be enable to visit it from may to september. Stroll along the Long Street and along the Our Lady Street, one of the most beautiful of the city. Be surprised by the medieval crane remaining in the centre.

Do not leave Gdansk without having seen the Neptune’s fountain (1633) and the Golden house, a magnificent 17th century building.

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