German trains: Intercity (IC)

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German trains: Intercity (IC)

Intercity and Eurocity trains connect all major cities in Germany.

Intercity (IC) trains and Eurocity (EC) are trains which travel faster than regional trains in Germany. The IC and EC trains travel at a maximum speed of up to 200km/h and as such are categorized just after the Intercity Express (ICE), which are high speed trains. Intercity (IC) trains operate solely in within Germany while Eurocity (EC) trains continue their services to neighbouring countries. Both trains are operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German national railway company. IC and EC have frequent services on core routes.

Popular journeys and travel durations

Main routesTravel time

Munich Frankfurt 03:54 ₹ 2,500
Cologne Munich 05:53 ₹ 4,394
Frankfurt Stuttgart 01:32 ₹ 1,591
Munich Stuttgart 02:12 ₹ 1,591
Hamburg Berlin 02:04 ₹ 2,500
Dresden Berlin 02:04 ₹ 1,591
Cologne Stuttgart 03:35 ₹ 3,333
Heidelberg Frankfurt 00:54 ₹ 1,591
Berlin Heidelberg 05:35 ₹ 6,818
Munich Nuremberg 01:30 ₹ 3,182
Hamburg Cologne 04:04 ₹ 3,030
Heidelberg Munich 02:56 ₹ 2,500
Cologne Dusseldorf 00:21 ₹ 1,061
Frankfurt Mannheim 01:06 ₹ 1,591
Frankfurt Bonn 01:43 ₹ 1,591
Munich Mannheim 03:02 ₹ 2,500
Bonn Munich 05:34 ₹ 3,333
Munich Fussen 01:47 ₹ 2,273
Frankfurt Karlsruhe 01:38 ₹ 1,591
Dusseldorf Stuttgart 03:33 ₹ 1,591
Cologne Heidelberg 02:21 ₹ 2,803
Frankfurt Bremen 03:41 ₹ 3,030
Frankfurt Aachen 02:15 ₹ 2,500
Dusseldorf Hamburg 03:40 ₹ 3,712
Freiburg Cologne 03:58 ₹ 2,500
Bensheim Frankfurt 00:31 ₹ 1,212
Frankfurt Duisburg 02:07 ₹ 2,500
Frankfurt Lubeck 04:22 ₹ 3,712
Frankfurt Bamberg 02:41 ₹ 3,636
Frankfurt Trier 03:28 ₹ 2,500
Frankfurt Essen 02:21 ₹ 2,500
Darmstadt Frankfurt 00:16 ₹ 758
Frankfurt Rosenheim 04:33 ₹ 1,591

Booking and printing options

Booking :
  • German trains: Intercity (IC) tickets are open for booking 180 days ahead.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell the fastest.
  • Opt for off-peak trains when you have to travel short notice. They are more affordable than morning and evening trains along with those running on holiday eves, Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Printing option(s) :

Paper ticket

Receive your ticket directly to your address. Just take them with you and you are ready to travel. Shipping fees apply.

Seat Reservation :
  • Recommended for this train! The seat reservation is included in the price of your ticket when offered by the train carrier. With the included reservation, you are guaranteed a seat to make your journey more enjoyable.
  • Pass holders . Book your seat reservation exclusively with Rail Europe.

Experience the service

Before boarding

The main train station in Berlin, the capital city of Germany is Berlin HBF. It is commonly known as Berlin Central Station. The train station is operated by DB.


Classes and facilities offered by Intercity & Eurocity trains
First classSecond class
Comfortable seats Spacious seats with a headrest and generous legroom.
Bar buffet car Access to the bar buffet car where snacks and beverages can be bought.
Reclining seats Cosy with more legroom, reclining seats are ideal to enjoy the trip.

Interactive Rail Map

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  • "awsome"    
    nice journey    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Family trip"    
    Good allocated seats. Plenty of storage for luggage. Ran on time.  
  • "Travel by Rail Europe"    
    It was a fantastic ride from Frankfurt to Koblenz and from Koblenz to Luxembourg. It was very convenient and in time. The outside view was an enjoyment for our eyes. My wife was with me and she enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Rail Europe. The only draw bag is the ticket booking. We booked our ticket through internet, but we have to collect the ticket from another place. It should be like airline tickets which is issued immediately.    Value for money  Convenience
    This was a very comfortable trip and on time both ends. We found the Berlin main station a bit intimidating as it was on four levels!    Value for money  Convenience
  • "great!! "    
    everything went fine. On time, comfortable, good price!! I would travel again in your trains for sure.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Pretty fine."    
    Options for travel times from Berlin to Praha were quite limited. Ticket price was reasonable,    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Excellent Cost-Value"    
    I recently traveled from Berlin to Prague using the DB system and purchasing the ticket in advance vía Rail Europe. I got a really good rate and could print my ticket without any problem at all. The service was nice, the train departed and arrived on time. I would do do it again.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Longest ride ever"    
    I will rather pay more and fly than take this ride again. There is no scenery and I was counting the minutes of the around 6-hour ride. There was also no dining cart attached to the train, so we could not even go and sit and have a meal to make the time go past. We had 2nd class tickets as that is all that was available, but that was no problem. Reserved seats and comfortable enough seats. Just boring ride and we LOVE train ride. We will only do trains in the future when it is a scenic route.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "between average and good"    
    The lack of a reserved seat was a problem. the train was crowded and we were not comfortable.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "poor trip"    
    We payed good money ahead for the journey. When we got to Leipzig station we were talled that the first class wagen is closed and we have to find a seat alone. It doesn't fit your name.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Very relaxing trip."    
    Train on time. Platform easy to find and information desk very helpful.  
  • "All trains"    
    No room for big lugged  
  • "ditto"    
    Overall it's good. However, we had problems with connection between local trains and ICE sometimes. We once had a 20 min delay and the coach number shown on the ticket is missing in the real train—it's coac    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Round trip Praha <-> Berlin"    
    The trains were good, the service could be better. We also got unlock to have a faulty ticket received from India, where the booking looked correct but the ticket had wrong codes (how am I expect to understand the company's codes), to complicate the situation the crew couldn't speak in English and it took a while for them to understand that we were not traveling for free neither in a wrong train but instead it was a mistake of RailEurope's office while printing our tickets. Everything turned out fine in the end but we had a bit to much stress for what was suppose to be an enjoyable vacation time.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Scenic trip tp Prague"    
    The train car was a bit old and seats were dirty. However, after we crossed the border to Czech Republic we were served free drinks and newspapers. This was very convenient. Since the railway runs parallel to the river Vltava, the section between Dresden and Prague was very scenic.    Value for money  Convenience
  • 0 15