Madrid - Lisbon
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Train Madrid → Lisbon

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Madrid - Lisbon

The average travel time between Madrid and Lisbon is 10h43 minutes. The quickest route is 10h43 minutes. The first train leaving Madrid is at 21:27, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Madrid and Lisbon, leaving approximately every -2J 13h minutes.
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    About this journey

    Your travel by train from Madrid to Lisbon

    Madrid to Lisbon by train takes a whole 9 hours and 30 minutes. During the trip, you will be able to see the changing landscape from Spain to Portugal.

    Madrid Chamartin is a train station located in Madrid. It is one of the most important train stations in Madrid. Madrid Chamartin is well connected to public transportations and is easily accessible. Lisboa Estacion Oriente is a train station located in Lisbon. Being one of the major train stations in Lisbon, it is served by buses and other public transportations.

    For a single return trip from Madrid to Lisbon, a train ticket is the best value for money. Best prices are available when buying the train ticket well in advance. For extensive train travel, a rail pass including Spain and Portugal is a better choice.

    Visit Madrid and discover other popular train journeys

    Madrid, the capital of Spain, is located in the center of the country. Some of the landmarks of Madrid are the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, the Mercado de San Miguel, the Palacio Real and the Plaza de Castilla.

    From Lisbon, travellers can take the train to reach other cities and regions of Portugal.


    Book your journey from Madrid to Lisbon From Rs2,336 Rs2,262

    N°: 00335
    21:2708:1010:43 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
    N°: 00335
    21:2708:1010:43 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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    Reviews & ratings

    Overall appreciation

    • Trip from Lisbon to Madrid |
      "In general the service was good. The train was confortable enough, but for a long trip it could be better. "

    • Not good |
      "Trains were very old and noisy, no footrests, chairs were uncomfortable, reading lights didn't work. I wouldn't recommend anyone for overnight travelling, I have seen better inner city trains than these trains. "

    • Terrible Second Class |
      "The train was dirty and the second class seats were terrible for an overnight train. They were difficult to recline and the recline was very uncomfortable for an 8 hour trip. "

    • Worse train ride |
      "Many passengers like me were not happy when we were told about the situation .Your staff at Lisboa Oriente was rude, arrogant and was agitated when she had to repeat the situation. She definitely irritated many of us. We were only told to take the train to Coimbra and then take a 2 hour bus ride to Formoso to catch the train to Chamartin. There was no proper co-ordination from the staff and there was a mad rush catching the bus. What made it worse was that I do not speak the language. Fortunately the staff on board the train to Chamartin was helpful "

    • Good trip but exhausted |
      "Very good value for money. But uncomfortable seats in Tourist class did not allow to have a rest especially having this train at night. Convenient arrival/departure. Lavatory was not clean. Good and not expensive restaurant. In general, nice trip. "

    • Night Train |
      "Pretty good ideia for everybody who is doing Europe trip, you stay all night long. Also the train is safe and kind of comfortable. "

    • Good Travel |
      "The train is comfortable and on time. "

    • Train to Madrid from Lisbon. |
      "This *particular train was good. The beds were comfy although the room was super tiny and you could not sit up at all. Maybe the top bunch a small person could sit up. Nice little bar, nice server, nice workers. Recommended though! There's a window in the hallway you could somewhat have privacy to just hangout. Maybe the bar, not sure if the bar closed by itself but not the room. *check out my music! - SoundCloud.com/MoodBeside "

    • Bed bugs |
      "RailEurope booking of train was fine. We took a night train from Lisbon to Madrid. It was very confusing booking the seats, not because of raileurope per se, more had to do with seat selection so I don't know if this was a raileurope or renfe issue. However, we ended up having to book turiste class seats rather than a sleeper and woke up to adult and baby bed bugs in our seats and crawling all over us. When we tried to tell the conductor they told us to sit in our seats because the train was full....which we did not. Gross. "

    • You get what you pay for |
      "This was the overnight train from Lisboa to Madrid and we made a huge mistake not paying extra and booking beds instead of seats. Travelers with weak buts be ware! "

    • Gets us from point A to B |
      "Clean toilets The seat allocated to me cannot be adjusted to recline position. The adjuster is broken I feel secure during the trip. "

    • Train vs. plane |
      "My trip from Lisbon to Madrid was the return leg of the voyage. My wife and I showered at the Spa facilities in the hotel at which we stayed prior to boarding the 9:30 overnight train. Boarding in Lisbon was far more chaotic than it had been in Madrid: although we were on the platformprior to the train arriving, we received conflictingdirections from staff which had us running up and down the platform looking for the coach which contained our sleeping berths. We finally located the car at the very end of the platform where we had to lift our luggage across a nearly two foot gap to enter the train. Despite the hassle, the train is clean, comfortable and reasonably-ppriced. We'd definitely book again. "

    • My special thanks to the Crew |
      "My special thanks to the crew ! Very friendly at the restaurant ! "

    • Lisbon/Madrid in comfort |
      "Very comfortable a great way to travel "

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