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Verona - Munich
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Train Verona → Munich

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Overview The average travel time between Verona and Munich is minutes. The quickest route is minutes. The first train leaving Verona is at , the last at . There is an average of trains a day between Verona and Munich, leaving approximately every minutes.
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    Main stations in Verona and Munich

    Arrival stations

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport is the Britain’s third-busiest airport, offering flights to more than 160 destinations in over 30 countries. Whether you’re arriving, connecting or departing, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and pleasant.

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    London Gatwick Airport

    London Gatwick Airport

    London Gatwick Airport has two terminals and offers hundreds of destinations worldwide. From there, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and enjoyable.

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    Travel inspiration in Verona and Munich


    Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

    Located in Northern Italy, Verona will amaze you thanks to its glorious past, its heritage and its beautiful tiny cobbled streets that will lead you in the historic centre. No worries, you will find there everything you are looking for.

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    Munich is one of the most popular destination in Europe and Germany. The city is the capital of the Bavaria state. Munich is world known for its beer and the famous Oktoberfest. Home to the BMW Welt and the FC Bayern, Munich is a city with something for everyone! More than that, Munich is an important centre for art, culture and international affairs. The city is clean, safe and has an efficient transport system. Being an open and joyful city, Munich is a leisure paradise with a splendid view over the alps. Munich is easily reached by train from Paris, Berlin and Zurich.

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    Reviews & ratings Verona - Munich

  • "Almost Good"    
    Nice view while having transporation through Austria  
  • "Munich to Verona "    
    Easy and relaxing. First class all the way! Worth the small amount extra money.  
  • "excellent"    
    This was a good train, canteen services were great and chairs there were most comfortable, we really enjoyed this leg  
  • "Great scenery"    
    This train trip provides a great opportunity to view the picturesque countryside of Northern Italy and Austria. Although we had a Eurail pass, reserving seats was still quite expensive. We were lucky to get a four-person compartment, which had space between the seats/ Others in our family were in 6-person compartment, which as a little less spacious. It would be worth checking at booking time to know what you are going to get. However, the trip was comfortable, relatively quick, and stress-free.  
  • "Through the Austria mountains"    
    It was nice to have a compartment for our group. The seats were comfortable and it was great to have the big window on the other side to see the views. Unfortunately we did not figure out the air conditioner until the trip had concluded.  
  • "Very enjoyable"    
    Great trip. The cars were very quiet and smooth. Our compartment was very comfortable. The connection was a bit harrowing. We had lots of luggage. The elevator was helpful at the station. Info on where to wit for new train car wok,d be helpful.we had a long walk once it arrived.  
  • "Perfect trains"    
    The trains are really very comfortable. I had a very bad experience with travelling in France 2 years ago. So I have some advice - be sure you booked not only the reservation but the ticket also (it should be written reservation ticket on your paper, otherwise you will have to pay twice). And when travelling check on the announce board the number of the train as the platforms are not always stated i the ticket or they change the platforms.  
  • "Nice trip"    
    Through the mountains. A meal or voucher for the meal train would have made it perfect!  
  • "Easy riding"    
    Everything went very smooth.  
  • "Excellent service"    
    The train was on time and arrived at the destination on time. The seating was comfortable and sufficient.  
  • "Impossible to sleep"    
    I and my family traveled in a noturn train but the seats were so unconfortable that was impossible sleep and we arrived completely tired.  
  • "Beautiful journey"    
    This was a very picturesque trip and we enjoyed it immensely. The only negative was the food service - or lack of it. We boarded the train at about 11am and when we went to the dining car just after noon to have some lunch, there was almost nothing left. There was a menu with 15 or 20 items on it, but only one or two items were actually available. It was so bad to be almost like a joke. Otherwise, everything about the trip was great.  
  • "Terrible Customer Service"    
    While the ride itself was fine and comfortable, the experience of buying and obtaining the tickets was as bad as they come. The agent refused to allow me to download the tickets and print them or to print them at the station. As I was traveling, I was hesitant to have the tickets mailed. They made this the only option. Thankfully, the tickets showed up, but not until the very last day before my trip. The process needs work.  
  • "Munich here we come"    
    Fantastic veiws during the first part of the trip. Comfortable seats. Would use again  
  • "Very nice service"    
    As per usual, the DB trains were timely, comfortable, and very convenient, and I had no trouble taking this very scenic train ride.