The Hague - Brussels

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Reviews & ratings The Hague - Brussels

  • "Easy Ride"

      Michael p. 
    While not as fast as the TVG segment from Brussles to Aix , the ride to Cannes was very comfortable and convenmient with great scenery. The only reason not a five star rating is that someone should let you know about the upper deck seats which would make for an even better view and enjoyment  
  • "efficient comfortabla ride"

      Chen Thong t.  21/10/2013
    You can't have a better way to travel from Brussels to Paris. You can have many schedules to sit your timing. Depart from Brussels Midi station and end at Paris Nord station is a very efficient and easy way to move between these two cities. In Paris Nord station, it is easy to connect to any hotels in Paris with the metro lines. Paris has a very connected network in their metro lines.  
  • "excellent train conncetion"

      Chen Thong t.  20/10/2013
    Amsterdam CS is centrally located in the heart of Amsterdam, access to this station from any hotels in Amsterdam in convenient using the tram. Train schedule is very punctual and it is value for money if you were to book a first class cabin when the offer is not too far off from the price of normal cabin. Lunch is served for the first class cabin with wine and all the extra. It is a comfortable ride all the way to Brussel Midi station.  
  • "Excellent trip"

      Loloa i.  19/10/2013
    I bought a first class ticket for my trip from Brussels to Cologne. The price was great and it was an excellent value. They offered food and drink, the seats were plush and comfortable and the train ride was smooth and relaxing.  
  • "Nice Trip"

      Alexandre c.  02/10/2013
    I enjoyed my trip from Amsterdam to Brussels very much. The train was on schedule and it was very comfortable. The only aspect I did not like was the fact that we cannot choose our own seat and coach.  
  • "Fast way to travel"

      Philip m.  01/10/2013
    Excellent way to travel between Brussels and Paris.... Super quick upto 300km/h meaning a 260km journey takes 1h25. Brilliant...  
  • "Trip to Brussels"

      Don l.  20/09/2013
    The trip was quick, quiet and comfortable and there was outside train asistance to help avoid any onboard issues.