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Overview The average travel time between Munich and Rome is minutes. The quickest route is minutes. The first train leaving Munich is at , the last at . There is an average of trains a day between Munich and Rome, leaving approximately every minutes.
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    Main stations in Munich and Rome

    Arrival stations

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport is the Britain’s third-busiest airport, offering flights to more than 160 destinations in over 30 countries. Whether you’re arriving, connecting or departing, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and pleasant.

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    London Gatwick Airport

    London Gatwick Airport

    London Gatwick Airport has two terminals and offers hundreds of destinations worldwide. From there, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and enjoyable.

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    Travel inspiration in Munich and Rome


    Munich is one of the most popular destination in Europe and Germany. The city is the capital of the Bavaria state. Munich is world known for its beer and the famous Oktoberfest. Home to the BMW Welt and the FC Bayern, Munich is a city with something for everyone! More than that, Munich is an important centre for art, culture and international affairs. The city is clean, safe and has an efficient transport system. Being an open and joyful city, Munich is a leisure paradise with a splendid view over the alps. Munich is easily reached by train from Paris, Berlin and Zurich.

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    Rome, the capital of Italy

    Rome is the capital city of Italy and one of the most popular destinations of Italy. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, is now a city which offers visitors a variety of things to do. From the remains of Roman Empire to the Renaissance and baroque riches of its historic centre, Rome is a simply a master work.

    With landmarks such as the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, and Piazza Venezia located in the old city centre, Rome certainly lives up to the fact that it is one of the most remarkable cities of the world.
    The modern Rome is full of restaurants, wine bars, night life spot and elegant shops. Perfect for a enjoyable getaway!

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    Reviews & ratings Munich - Rome

  • "tickets"    
    We bought the tickets through NZ, but were not able to print them ourselves. Very inconvenient. The journey itself was problem free  
  • "Winter wonderland"    
    Was traveling with my brother from Munich to Rome. We picked the day train instead of overnight train in hopes of enjoying wonderful scenery. The route was broke into 2 parts, 1st from Munich to Bologna on DB (German's train) and onward to Florence on Frecciarossa (Italy's train). Scenery didn't let us down, the snowy picturesque hill view in Austria (just passing by, not a stop) was stunning and breath-taking. The ticket price  
  • "Bad"    
    The cabin had not taken to load cell or heater for the cold.  
  • "Traveling with Friends"    
    It is better to book with one card so you are guaranteed to have seats next to each other, especially for these long trips. As girls traveling, it would have been nice to be in one cabin. The cochette beds are worth the upgrade ( or at times, same price as) the seats.  
  • "average"    
    the train was a little old and you couldn´t sit because the space between the beds is very small so you had to be laying the whole time even if you are not sleeping yet.  
  • "Nice trip"    
    Convenient to go long-distance without losing time (night train) 1st class cabin is still small for 2 people (Luxe cabin is bigger) Breakfast was not good (sandwich, jam...) 1st class bathroom was clean No board restaurant to go to if you are bored  
  • "would be able to choose the be"    
    My trip was nice and quiet, I would do it again ... I think customers would be able to choose the beds, when they made the purchase of tickets, because I needed to stay in the cabin separate from my family, it was very bad  
  • "Nice journey"    
    Travelling by train through Europe was a wish of me and my daughter of 12 years old. We enjoyed the journey and slept very well in the train from München to Rome.  
  • "Nice experience"    
    We had a very nice experience. Got the tickets on time. Never had any issues with the tickets we purchased through rail europe. But it would have been better if there is an email notification as soon as the tickets are shipped.