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Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal

Lisboa, commonly known as Lisbon in English, is the capital city of Portugal. It is found on the banks of the Tagus River on the western coast of Portugal. The city is a major tourism, financial and international trade hub. The charm of Lisbon is characterized by its many historic quarters. What gives a unique dimension to the city are these old quarters with medieval origins which have a characteristic and familiar environment with small houses and narrow streets. The city of Lisbon is the gateway to discover Portugal by train. Indeed Lisbon is just 2h30 away from Porto.

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Madrid, the capital city of Spain

Madrid is the capital city of Spain, located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. This cosmopolitan city is inhabited by more than 3 million people basked in a culturally and artistically rich environment. Well known for its amazing nightlife along with its intense cultural and artistic activities, Madrid appears is a versatile city which will satisfy every traveller’s need and curiosity. The energy of this city will drive even the most reluctant ones to dance, explore and tasting all sorts of delicacies… This is called the movida vibe! For spectacular views over Madrid, take the teleférico cable car over Casa del Campo’s 4000 acres of wild woodland. It leaves from Paseo del Pintor Rosales street, near Argüelles Metro station.

Discover the outstanding Prado museum, the Plaza Mayor and rest in the vast and verdant oasis of Parque del Retiro before feeling the temperature of the late night flamenco shows. Madrid has two main train stations, namely Madrid Atocha railway station and Madrid Chamartin railway station.


Reviews & ratings Lisbon - Madrid

"Trip from Madrid to Sevilla"

  Hisham h. 
The trip was excellent. However, although I was promised to receive my tickets online within 3 days, it took much longer than that.  

"Comfortable Journey"

  Umesh r.  20/04/2014
Travel from Madrid to Cordoba was an excellent experience on a high speed train and the quality of train service is of the highest order - Umesh Ramakrishna Rao  

"Train travel Malaga Madrid"

  Per Sverre f.  17/04/2014
The train is excellent. The problems were connected to our lack of speaking and reading spanish. We, and other tourists entered wrong coach. Then after being moved, we had to move back again, because the air conditioning was out of order. The rest was very good.  

"Madrid to Granada"

  Lynn v.  10/04/2014
Our train trip from Madrid to Granada was a pleasure. We had booked First Class tickets, so we were very comfortable - wide seats and lots of legroom - but unfortunately that's where the advantages of First Class started and stopped. Refreshments used to be included in the price; this time round they had to be purchased. We had access to music via headphones (very good) and a movie on a shared screen. The film that day was a cartoon, so nobody in our all-adult coupé was very interested. The train sped through the countryside to a point past Cordoba, and then travelled more slowly through glorious scenery to Granada. We arrived at Granada in the early afternoon, and found it easy to walk from the train station to our hotel. We were pleased that the station was so centrally located. We would definitely take this trip again, given the opportunity!  

"Andalusian saga"

  Sujit j.  24/10/2013
I boarded the train from Madrid Atocha station at 07:00 on the 14th Oct 13. The train left on time. Breakfast was served shortly thereafter. The Breakfast contained both continental fare as well as the local spanish flavours like cheese,olives etc. The train reached Cordoba on time. Overall we had an enjoyable trip. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues and friends.  

"Madrid to MERIDA"

  Sujit j.  23/10/2013
I was satisfied with the trip. Andre van Wyk  

"A most pleasant journey"

  Jacob t.  14/10/2013
Booking tickets online in advance from India was a simple process, and delivery by courier was dome promptly. The stations (Madrir and Cordoba) were very well signposted and clean, and the train itswelf excellent in style an comfort. I am especially appreciative of the high level of efficiency along with courtesy and warmth with which special assistance (wheel chair) was provided to one member of my family at both stations. Thank you. I look forward to traveling with you again. T Jacob  

"Bright lights"

  Jo b.  10/10/2013
Please turn the bright lights off on the train at night. I caught the train from Barcelona to Madrid overnight and was hoping to sleep but the bright lights were left on all night which made sleep very difficult. This made my journey uncomfortable. If this one thing were resolved I believe the comfort of my travel would have been much higher. Please consider this hospitable practice. Thank you.  


  William e.  01/10/2013
smooth, rapid running travel in comfort and style through an expansive landscape. thank you.  

"Excellent Service"

  Andreas s.  26/09/2013
Thank you Rail Europe for the excellent service. You made our train travel from Barcelona to Madrid pleasant and comfortable.  


  Janet d.  25/09/2013
We enjoyed traveling by train. However, the trip from Lisboa to Lagos, we didn't have much place for our luggage. The train was old and we thought we would have the same service as from Porto to Lisboa. The trip was relaxed and we took the train from Tunes on our way back so we didn't have any transger.  

"relaxed travelling"

  Carelina u.  23/09/2013
We found the trip from Granada to Madrid very convenient We travelled first class and was supposed to get a breakfast served on the journey.The attendant didnt offer us coffee or juice and when I asked for some she was very rude.Apart from that it was very comfortable and clean.  

"Barcelona to Madrid return "

  Nicholas e.  21/09/2013
Good return journey from Barcelona to Madrid and back, tourista class.. Comfortable seats. Speedy journey. Preferred to flying which overall would probably have taken longer. Would have been nice to have English subtitles on the film that was showing. The shared blinds (with the passengers in front and behind, meant that if one person wanted the window blinds closed it affected everyone. I wanted to see the view and that wasn't possible as some else wanted the blinds closed. Good facilities in the on board shop. Screaming children meant the headphones handed out free were worth their weight in gold !