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Travel inspiration in Göteborg and Stockholm


Gothenburg, have a breath of fresh air in the scandinavian city!

Gothenburg is the second city of Sweden. It is located close to the Cattegat, which is the strait between Denmark and Sweeden liking the Baltic sea to the Northern Sea. This geographic location made Gothenburg the main Scandinavian port.



Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

Stockholm, the capital of Swede, is also known as the capital of Scandinavia. One of the most beautiful cities of Europe and one of the best places to live in the world, Stockholm’s tradition and culture marries beautifully with the modernity and progressiveness of its inhabitants. From fashion and design to food and new technology, the city offers un unique quality of life. Basked in a magnificent scenery, the city has vast green areas and clean waterways. Stockholm is a city built on 14 islands, nevertheless tourists in Stockholm will find it particularly easy to move around thanks to the very efficient public transportation of the city.


Reviews & ratings Göteborg - Stockholm

"A wonderful journey"

  Lik Fang g. 
We took the night train from Stockholm to Narvik and return to Stockholm the same way. Both of the trip we were lucky enough to be transferred to another room to ourselves as the room we booked is too cramp with full occupant. The train coordinator was also very helpful and super friendly! It really add colours to our trip!