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Rome, Florence and Venice aside, think blue Mediterranean waters, sandy beaches, Alpine mountains and a foodie's paradise.

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Popular journeys

Venice Rome 03:20 ₨ 3,717
Milan Rome 02:55 ₨ 4,081
Florence Rome 01:20 ₨ 2,478
Milan Venice 02:10 ₨ 2,769
Venice Florence 01:53 ₨ 3,279
Milan Florence 01:58 ₨ 3,644
Rome Pisa 02:30 ₨ 2,551
Pisa Milan 04:03 ₨ 2,405
Naples Rome 01:07 ₨ 1,822
Venice Naples 05:10 ₨ 7,360
Verona Rome 02:50 ₨ 3,061
Naples Milan 04:15 ₨ 4,955
Florence Naples 02:31 ₨ 4,955
Venice Verona 00:53 ₨ 1,676
Verona Milan 01:15 ₨ 1,603
Rome Genoa 04:15 ₨ 3,425
Genoa Milan 01:29 ₨ 1,457
Rome Bologna 01:55 ₨ 2,623
Rome Turin 04:05 ₨ 4,008
Bologna Venice 01:11 ₨ 1,385
Rome La Spezia 03:13 ₨ 2,988
Milan Bologna 01:00 ₨ 1,895
Venice Turin 04:18 ₨ 4,081
Turin Milan 01:00 ₨ 1,895
Naples Pisa 05:12 ₨ 3,061
La Spezia Milan 03:04 ₨ 1,968


The national railway company of Italy is known as the Trenitalia. Italy has over 16,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Italy can be booked in advance. International trains connect Italy with neighbouring countries such as France and Switzerland. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Italy by train. Italian cities including Rome, Venice and Milan are all served by trains.


Use Italy’s train network to travel from Rome’s Empire-era monuments to Florence’s Renaissance art and architecture. Wander aimlessly around Venice’s romantic canals, board the train to Italy’s style capital, Milan, or travel south to pizza capital Naples.


Drive through Tuscany’s rolling olive grove-dotted hillsides, or photograph water buffalo on Campania’s flat plains. Dine in cliff-side Positano overlooking the Amalfi Coast, swim in the turquoise waters of Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, or tour Sicily’s ancient Greek theatres. Ski in the northern Dolomites, or visit tranquil Lake Como.

Take Home

Buy designer labels in Milan, hand-blown Murano glass in Venice, and painted ceramics in Tuscany and Umbria. Take home red Brunello wine from Montalcino in Tuscany, sparkling Prosecco from the Veneto and Parmesan and olive oil from local delis.

Eat & Drink

Sample Sardinia’s seafood risotto and Tuscan steak, bistecca alla fiorentina. Northern specialities include truffles and porcini mushrooms - in the South, try buffalo mozzarella, fiori di zucchini (deep-fried courgette) and melanzane alla parmigiana (baked aubergines in tomato and Parmesan).

New Perspective

Watch the sun set on the train ride to Italy’s picture-postcard Cinque Terre region in northwestern Liguria where traditional villages cling to an old way of life.

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