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Tours, capital of the Loire castles

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Getting there You can get to Tours from Rennes, La Rochelle and Nantes. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:08 ₹ 1,200
From Lyon 05:40 ₹ 1,200
From Dijon 04:50 ₹ 4,480
From Rennes 02:58 ₹ 2,960
From La Rochelle 03:05 ₹ 2,800
From Nantes 01:36 ₹ 2,320
From Bourges 01:29 ₹ 1,840
From Alencon 01:39 ₹ 2,000
From Poitiers 01:02 ₹ 1,280
From Vierzon 01:07 ₹ 1,520
From Massy 01:13 ₹ 2,160
From Decize 02:57 ₹ 2,960
From Digoin 03:52 ₹ 3,520
From Beaune 04:28 ₹ 4,160
From St Germain Des Fosse 03:38 ₹ 3,600
From Moulins 03:01 ₹ 2,960
From Caen 02:48 ₹ 1,200
From Gievres 01:02 ₹ 1,120
From Mezidon 02:31 ₹ 2,880
From Orleans 01:01 ₹ 1,520
From Chenonceaux 00:26 ₹ 720
From Vendome 00:27 ₹ 1,040
From Port Boulet 00:29 ₹ 720
From Ste Maure Noyant 00:23 ₹ 720
From Montbazon 00:21 ₹ 720
From Langeais 00:17 ₹ 720
From Amboise 00:19 ₹ 720
From Blere La Croix 00:21 ₹ 720
From Esvres 00:30 ₹ 720
From Saumur 00:31 ₹ 960
From Angers 00:53 ₹ 1,440
From Le Mans 00:59 ₹ 1,360
From Loches 01:01 ₹ 720
From Chinon 00:48 ₹ 720
From St Aignan Noyers 00:46 ₹ 880
From Chatellerault 00:34 ₹ 960
From Montrichard 00:34 ₹ 720
From Blois 00:35 ₹ 800
From St Pierre Des Corps 00:05 ₹ 720

Getting around From Tours, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To St Pierre Des Corps 00:05 ₹ 720
To Langeais 00:23 ₹ 720
To Amboise 00:24 ₹ 720
To Montbazon 00:26 ₹ 720
To Blere La Croix 00:29 ₹ 720
To Ste Maure Noyant 00:32 ₹ 720
To Chenonceaux 00:34 ₹ 720
To Esvres 00:34 ₹ 720
To Montrichard 00:41 ₹ 720
To Port Boulet 00:41 ₹ 720
To St Aignan Noyers 00:55 ₹ 880
To Loches 01:05 ₹ 720
To Gievres 01:10 ₹ 1,120
To Vendome 01:12 ₹ 1,040
To Vierzon 01:33 ₹ 1,520
To Blois 02:49 ₹ 800
To Decize 02:55 ₹ 2,960
To Chatellerault 03:00 ₹ 800
To Chinon 03:01 ₹ 720
To Poitiers 03:15 ₹ 1,040
To Saumur 03:24 ₹ 720
To Le Mans 03:38 ₹ 1,280
To Angers 03:47 ₹ 1,120
To Digoin 04:03 ₹ 3,520
To Les Aubrais Orleans 04:12 ₹ 1,520
To Orleans 04:12 ₹ 1,520
To Bourges 04:13 ₹ 1,840
To Nantes 04:20 ₹ 1,680
To Alencon 04:23 ₹ 1,920
To Beaune 04:28 ₹ 4,080
To Nevers 04:54 ₹ 2,480
To Paris 04:59 ₹ 1,200
To La Rochelle 05:02 ₹ 2,240
To St Germain Des Fosse 05:08 ₹ 3,600
To Mezidon 05:21 ₹ 1,840
To Caen 05:45 ₹ 1,200
To Rennes 06:15 ₹ 2,160
To Lyon 08:25 ₹ 1,200
To Dijon 10:22 ₹ 3,840

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Tours, capital of the Loire castles

Tours is a French town located in the Loire Valley region in the centre of France. The region is well known for its wine and castles. Tours is home to more than 280,000 inhabitants and is well served by high speed trains. The TGV from Paris takes just 55 minutes to reach Tours. The town of Tours is known a city of art and history and it enjoys an exceptional place at the centre of the Loire Valley castles, in the heart of a region known as the garden of France. The region around Tours has one of Europe’s largest protected area of historic interest. This beautifully preserved mediaeval area contributes largely to the charm of Tours.

Did you know that Tours was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of France in the 15th and 16th centuries? Today Tours is a modern, lively and dynamic town with a important economic development. Discover the square in front of the train station where lilac trees from India are planted. Take the Rue Bernard Palissy which leads to Place François Sicard, site of the Musée des Beaux Arts, which itself is surrounded by a sumptuous garden. Just a few steps away is the impressive Cathedral where you will find old cafés and 15th century houses.

Tours is well known for its particular art de vivre, which includes eating and appreciating fine wines. In Tours you will find excellent restaurants, making the town a gourmet’s paradise.

Go to the Vieux Tours area (Old Town). This ancient city centre has now numerous shops and is a thriving shopping area.

Office de tourisme de Tours
78-82 rue Bernard Palissy, Tours.
Tel: +33 2 47 70 37 37

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Tours can be found.

Tours railway station(s)

Tours Train Station

Tours Train Station

Address: Place du Général Leclerc 37000 Tours

Opening hours: Monday: 4:15am to 1:15am
Tuesday and Sunday: 4:45am to 1:15am
Public holidays: 4:45am to 1:15am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER), Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Facilities for disabled persons, Lost and found, Tourist Information Office, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Currency exchange, ATM and Public Phone cabins.

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Customer reviews

  • "Quick trip, clean wagon"    
    Comfortable enough for 2-nd class, clean, quiet. Nice personnel  
  • "TGV Train trip "    
    Travelled on the TGV from Montparnasse to Tours last month and the whole experience was great. I would recommend travelling and using TGV in France as the trip was comfortable. Trains on time and the whole eperience excellent. I needed to get to and from airports in Paris and the trains were on time. The cost of the ticket was not prohibitive either. All in all it was an excellent experience  
  • "Comletely satisfied."    
    Good price. Convinient. On-time  
  • "Pleasant to say the least"    
    Punctual and clean  
  • "france by train amazing"    
    My wife and i travelled to tours by train from Paris. We went for a few days to the loire valley near vouvraz. It was really amazing to travel by the tgv on our way out and the intercity ou our way in. It was comfortable, stress free and enjoyable. Only a mobile cart of food and drink can be incorporated for us tourists for wine and beer. Three cheers for rail europe. Mahesh Gidwani  
  • "The TGV to Tours"    
    As a foreigner I was expecting difficulty making my reservations. I found the website was available in English and very easy to use. When I go to the station everything was very clearly identified and we had no difficulty In finding our coach and our seats. I wish we had trains like this in the USA, but the distances are much larger here and we are too far behind in building a rail system.  
  • "Paris to Tours"    
    We enjoyed a pleasant, hassle free trip where all went according to schedule!  
  • "Train to Lausanne "    
    Fast trip because the two cities are near each other. We moved to Lausanne because we had to take another train very early next morning. If not we would stay at Montreux.  
  • "Comfortable Journey"    
    Very comfortable journey but the waiting time of trains at the station is less. So, people with lot of luggage should very plan and take into consideration the same.  
  • "Tours to Paris"    
    Train was very comfortable, on-time, clean. Very quick train ride from Tours to Paris. Maybe an hour? It was my error: But I mistakingly printed out my email confirmation (instead of the actual ticket) and this caused confusion and a bit of caos at the Tours Train Station. So: don't make the same mistake! Print your tickets before you leave from your home base. It pretty much can not be done at the train station.  
  • "My trip by TGV"    
    The trip was a fantastic experience. This was my first one on high speed train. Even though the bullet trains have been introduced in Japan much earlier, I did not have an opportunity to travel by that. The trip was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable.  
  • "Excellent trip"    
    Everything was good, very good. It is a little too expensive.  
  • "trip paris tours"    
    Good but very expensive. Time table not always respected  
  • "Very Convenient"    
    We were able to drop our rental car off near the station, hop the train and be in Paris very quickly. The train was busy but we were comfortable. I recommend that everyone explores this form of travel.  
  • "Paris-Tours"    
    excelelnt experience in the first class cabinet, comfortable, ontime, friendly staff...but it was mentioned that food and drinks can be sold at train and we couldn't find any.  
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