St Gallen

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St Gallen, home to the famous Abbey library


Getting there You can get to St Gallen from Lucerne, Bern and Lausanne. Best price and travel duration below.

From Munich 03:08 ₹ 5,304
From Zurich 01:02 ₹ 2,533
From Geneva 04:08 ₹ 6,887
From Lucerne 02:15 ₹ 3,483
From Bern 02:21 ₹ 5,699
From Lausanne 03:30 ₹ 7,124
From Buchs 00:49 ₹ 1,267
From Chur 01:22 ₹ 2,137
From Wil 00:21 ₹ 792

Getting around From St Gallen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Wil 00:28 ₹ 792
To Bregenz 01:01 ₹ 1,108
To Buchs 01:05 ₹ 1,267
To Zurich 01:12 ₹ 2,533
To Chur 02:04 ₹ 2,137
To Bern 02:20 ₹ 5,699
To Schaffhausen 02:28 ₹ 2,058
To Basel 02:28 ₹ 3,325
To Lucerne 02:53 ₹ 3,483
To Munich 03:26 ₹ 5,304
To Lausanne 04:10 ₹ 6,412
To Geneva 04:51 ₹ 6,887

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St Gallen, home to the famous Abbey library

Tucked between Lake Constance and Appenzell, St Gallen is located in the eastern part of Switzerland. Home to a beautiful Old Town, St Gallen is well known for its famous library, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visit the traffic-free Old Town, and discover the colourful windows of the buildings. Don’t miss the cathedral and the Abbey Library, St Gallen’s most famous landmarks.

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    it was good, just pricey  
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    Positive: good service, on time and professional. Negative: trip a bit expensive  
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    The train was very clean and comfortable, with seat allocated on the ticket so there's no confusion as to which car you should board and/or which seat to head to. I however highly recommend being at the platform at least 15 minutes before departure time as the train leaves very punctually, and there is usually a mad rush to board beforehand. There is also VERY limited luggage room, so for those carrying a lot of luggage, be early so as to get storage space for your bags.  
  • "Comfortable Ride to Paris"    
    The ride to Paris was quick and very comfortable in the first class cabin. Because of the time of year, the price of the ticket was pretty high. However, any other time of year would make the cost much better and more worth it.  
  • "Trip to Kolen from Amsterdam"    
    It was a good experience, difficult Part was finding the right compartment from the Amsterdam station. No officer was found on the plat form. Initially One train came, but my compartment number was not there, I went here and there, but no one was there to clarify. suddenly i saw 2 nd train has been attached with my compartment. I have to hurry with the time. This problem was not only for me but to other travelers as well. Need some mechanism to guide.  
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    It was a grate experience, very comfortable.  
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    No problems encountered, train was punctual, cabin comfortable.  
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    Our journey was safe  
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    I travelled with my family, there were six of us. Me, my wife and four kids. I did all my reservations online and it was much convenient during our travels from Paris to Brussels, Milan to Venice, Venice to Florence and finally from Florence to Rome. We did not have any problem at all wrt our seat reservations etc. The travel was much comfortable and all trains arrived on time to the destinations. Thank you  
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    It was a wonderful experience on the Euro-rail. It was easy to book online and the process of checking in and boarding the train was smooth. The helpful attendants at the train station were there to guide us along. The train was clean and seats comfortable. We had the most pleasant journey to Paris. Thank you Euro-rail!! We will definitely take the train again.  
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    Having a family pass / travel pass is very convenient as you can just hop on-hop off the public transportation in Switzerland without having the trouble to buy ticket each time you want to travel. If you are going to travel a lot using Swiss public transportation, then the travel pass is a saver, even though to me the price is a bit expensive. It was all good for us travelling all over Switzerland using the pass. The only thing that may be improved is that, if the "home-print" pass can be converted into a more convenience credit card size paper (for ease of carrying instead of A4 size). Maybe this A4 home print pass can be exchanged to a credit card size pass at any stations/outlets upon arrival in Swiss? Thanks!  
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    Los felicito!!!! Excelente servicio!!!  
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    My 2 adult children and I wanted to travel to Madrid by flying but was advised by a friend to use the AVE train instead. Indeed we never reqretted our decision. The process from the security control to the boarding of the train was smooth. We enjoyed our ride and arrived with big smiles on our faces.  
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