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Holland’s jazzed up port city

About Netherlands

Getting there You can get to Rotterdam from Antwerp, Utrecht and Venlo. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:37 ₹ 2,825
From Amsterdam 00:36 ₹ 1,130
From Brussels 01:10 ₹ 2,340
From Antwerp 00:32 ₹ 2,340
From Utrecht 00:38 ₹ 726
From Venlo 01:51 ₹ 1,695
From Zwolle 01:37 ₹ 1,614
From Vlissingen 01:43 ₹ 1,533
From Meppel 01:57 ₹ 1,695
From Heerenveen 02:24 ₹ 1,856
From Assen 02:23 ₹ 1,937
From Middelburg 01:36 ₹ 1,453
From Groningen 02:39 ₹ 1,937
From Amersfoort 00:59 ₹ 1,049
From Breda 00:32 ₹ 646
From Gouda 00:16 ₹ 323
From Dordrecht 00:13 ₹ 323
From Leiden 00:33 ₹ 484
From Roosendal 00:38 ₹ 807
From Delft 00:12 ₹ 242
From Tilburg 00:46 ₹ 968
From Eindhoven 01:08 ₹ 1,291

Getting around From Rotterdam, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Delft 00:12 ₹ 242
To Dordrecht 00:15 ₹ 323
To Gouda 00:23 ₹ 323
To Breda 00:32 ₹ 646
To Leiden 00:33 ₹ 484
To Utrecht 00:38 ₹ 726
To Roosendal 00:44 ₹ 807
To Tilburg 00:47 ₹ 968
To Amersfoort 00:59 ₹ 1,049
To Eindhoven 01:12 ₹ 1,291
To Amsterdam 01:22 ₹ 1,130
To Venlo 01:55 ₹ 1,695
To Middelburg 02:01 ₹ 1,453
To Vlissingen 02:09 ₹ 1,533
To Haarlem 02:28 ₹ 888
To Heerenveen 03:11 ₹ 1,856
To Brussels 03:16 ₹ 2,260
To Apeldoorn 03:26 ₹ 1,453
To Groningen 03:31 ₹ 1,937
To Antwerp 03:32 ₹ 1,291
To Meppel 03:36 ₹ 1,695
To Zwolle 03:40 ₹ 1,614
To Maastricht 04:18 ₹ 1,856
To Assen 04:25 ₹ 1,937
To Cologne 05:17 ₹ 6,376
To Paris 05:40 ₹ 3,551
To Luxembourg 05:42 ₹ 5,811
To Frankfurt 06:25 ₹ 10,815
To Hamburg 07:27 ₹ 8,958

While you're there

Rotterdam,a cultural dutch city along the water

Rotterdam is the world’s busiest port and a cosmopolitan gateway to the continent. It’s a forward-looking city, with ambitious angular architecture and an exciting art scene. Catch the flamboyant Zomercarnaval, summer highlight of a packed festival calendar, or just enjoy the vivacious nightlife scene.

Start your visit with one of the oldest monuments remaining in the port town, the City Hall. Its striking sculptures give us clues about the history of Rotterdam.

Still in the town centre, you will be amazed by the "cubical houses" or "tree-houses", built by Piet Blom. They are considered as a symbol of Rotterdam. If you don’t suffer from dizziness, take the elevator to the top of the Euromast, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands, and enjoy a magnificent view to Anvers in Belgium!

If you are an art lover, two museums must be discovered : The "kunsthal" and the "Boijmans Van Beuningen", both located in the Museumpark.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Rotterdam can be found.

Rotterdam Cs

Address: Weena 679 Deelgemeente Centrum 3013 Rotterdam


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Customer reviews

  • "changing stations"    
    had to change stations in Paris. was only inconvenience.  
  • "First Class Cabin"    
    Bought first class because it offers meal and free wifi. However throughtout the journey, the wifi is weak and slow. Also, as there are a few stops before we reach our destination, we have to time to time go to the luggae area to check on our luggage. When we bought the seat, we can't choose the seat thus unable to find one nearest to the luggage area. Service is overall good and it's great that I can get drinks as and when required. Also, the seat comes with a plug point.  
  • "Nice Trip Food-Wifi Problems"    
    Hello, The trip was very nice as comfort but the food was not good. I had some rice not well cooked and some cauliflower I didn't like. The lady serving proposed me fish which I take but there was pork with it ! And she didn't tell me. This should be clear when proposing food to travellers. The wifi connection was horrible and I couldn't use it and I had planned to work during the trip. I was really disappointed about this.  
  • "Trip to Rotterdam"    
    My ompessdiona are Very good. The train was on time, service excellent, staff helpful  
  • "Satisfied"    
    timing was very good and I'm really satisfied with the overall service  
  • "First Trip"    
    This was my first trip with this train and my daughter (5 years old) and myself enjoyed. Thanks, Sara  
  • "Better than Driving"    
    We decided to take the train rather than drive as we were only going for 4 days. It was great as we arrived relaxed and could just enjoy our extra long weekend. Much more fun to sit there and read and chit chat rather than drive and concentrate.  
  • "Paris to Rotterdam"    
    Great train journey ,dep and arrived on time ,food and staff excellent ,would use Thalys next time Carl Wheeler Perth West Australia  
  • "Nice Experience"    
    I enjoyed my journey. Service staff was courteous and food service was very good. I had trouble with WiFi but that did not bother me too much  
  • "Comfortable journey"    
    The journey itself was comfortable enough. Charging extra for WiFi and people walking all around and making noise was less fun, but the main problem was not being able to purchase an E-Ticket for the train using the website, forcing me to purchase a printed ticket and sending it to me by snail mail which was both slow and expensive, unnecessarily so, in this day and age.  
  • "Train travel"    
  • "Good, see note"    
    Although we had reserved seats, they were occupied when we entered! Those people however knew that they were wrong, but why do we have to tell them???The ride was excellent! As for TGV, if ever, I will use the train again.  
  • "Europe Trip 2"    
    Clean and comfortable train and a nice trip. The staff were friendly and helpful.  
  • "Europe Trip 1"    
    Clean and comfortable train and a nice trip. The staff were friendly and helpful.  
  • "Rotterdam to Paris"    
    Convenient and Comfortable trip from Rotterdam to Paris Gare Du Nord. I hope to take the trip again, given a chance. There was one aspect that could be improved The internet connection was erratic, and could be made to be more stable, especially when having to reload pages as the connection would go off in one instant and come back in the next.  
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