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Nîmes, even the romans loved it! Southern France is full of treasures. Nîmes is one of them. Capital of the Gard department in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, this city is firmly rooted in its Roman past, since it is located right on the Via Domitia which used to link Italy to (...)

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Getting there You can get to Nimes from Paris CDG Airport, Avignon and Geneva. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:51 2,066
From Barcelona 03:27 3,554
From Brussels 04:59 9,256
From Paris Cdg Airport 03:18 3,306
From Avignon 00:20 744
From Geneva 03:14 4,793
From Lyon 01:10 1,240
From Marseille 00:56 1,240
From Bordeaux 04:48 1,653
From Toulouse 02:36 1,240
From Montpellier 00:21 744
From Dijon 03:08 3,223
From Lille 04:14 4,876
From Rennes 06:01 8,347
From Strasbourg 05:19 4,050
From Mulhouse 04:30 5,124
From Montauban 03:05 2,562
From Collioure 02:40 2,860
From Le Mans 04:27 10,083
From Angers 05:21 6,529
From Clermont Ferrand 05:03 3,529
From Marmande 04:22 3,306
From Agen 03:43 2,893
From Massy 03:34 7,025
From Chalon Sur Saone 02:32 2,231
From Valence 00:42 1,240
From Le Grau Du Roi 00:50 744
From Agde 00:57 1,231
From Aigues Mortes 00:41 744
From Sete 00:40 983
From Lunel 00:15 744
From Arles 00:22 744
From Ales 00:32 777
From Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 01:01 1,504
From Beziers 01:05 1,240
From Perpignan 01:58 1,694
From Tarascon Sur Rhon 00:13 744
From Argeles Sur Mer 02:34 1,901
From Carcassonne 01:52 2,066
From La Bastide St Lau 01:47 1,612
From Genolhac 01:15 1,223
From Narbonne 01:21 1,322
From Villefort 01:29 1,372
From Castelnaudary 02:34 2,983

Getting around From Nimes, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Tarascon Sur Rhon 00:20 744
To Lunel 00:26 744
To Arles 00:31 744
To Ales 00:41 777
To Montpellier 00:43 744
To Aigues Mortes 00:47 744
To Le Grau Du Roi 00:55 744
To Sete 01:11 983
To Aix En Provence Tgv 01:26 1,240
To Agde 01:31 1,231
To Beziers 01:41 1,240
To Narbonne 01:57 1,322
To Valence 02:08 1,240
To Perpignan 02:51 1,736
To Collioure 02:59 1,901
To Carcassonne 03:02 2,017
To Genolhac 03:23 1,182
To Avignon 03:31 777
To Villefort 03:35 1,372
To Toulouse 03:46 1,240
To Marne La Vallee 03:52 3,058
To La Bastide St Lau 03:55 1,636
To Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 03:57 1,504
To Marseille 04:05 1,240
To Massy 04:08 6,033
To Lyon 04:15 1,240
To Argeles Sur Mer 04:33 2,165
To Montauban 04:43 2,504
To Dijon 04:52 2,314
To Castelnaudary 05:04 2,413
To Paris Cdg Airport 05:06 2,479
To Agen 05:12 2,066
To Lille 05:18 3,306
To Port Bou Fr(lo) 05:45 2,331
To Cannes 05:53 2,479
To Antibes 06:05 2,479
To Geneva 06:08 3,636
To Nice 06:30 2,645
To Brussels 06:33 4,876
To Le Mans 06:36 6,529
To Rennes 06:42 6,942
To Marmande 06:49 4,826
To Clermont Ferrand 07:18 3,529
To Bordeaux 07:40 1,653
To Paris 08:46 2,066
To Angers 09:08 5,372
To Mulhouse 11:00 2,893
To Strasbourg 12:28 2,893

While you're there

Nîmes, even the romans loved it!

Southern France is full of treasures. Nîmes is one of them. Capital of the Gard department in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, this city is firmly rooted in its Roman past, since it is located right on the Via Domitia which used to link Italy to Spain.

In Nîmes and its surroundings, you will be able to touch the Roman era in just one blink. From the Roman amphitheater up to the Pont-du Gard (an impressive aqueduct), you will be impressed.

Of course, don’t miss the famous Maison Carrée in the old Nîmes. It is one of worldwide best-preserved temples of the Roman period. But Nîmes is also known for its mediterranean climate, and its textile industry, as the original denim for blue jeans stems from there.

Pick up your sandals and sunglasses. Relax and enjoy the place where sunbathes, sea, cicadas choir and good wines are at hand.

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  • "Wonderful experience"    
    .we were quite happy with the experience. It is anytime better than travelling by air. Thank you.  
  • "A pleasant trip"    
    Counter staff friendly and helpful especially that they can spek English.  
  • "Excellent service"    
    Perfect to suit my schedule and budget  
  • "French rail pass FC"    
  • "Comfortable but left hungry!"    
    The journey was quite comfortable in 1st Class. The cafeteria had run out of sandwiches and other food so it was a long 3.5hr journey with chips n coke - no lunch. Also no complimentary Wi-Fi. Compared to other 1st class trains in Europe n North America this was average  
  • "Traveling for business "    
    Traveled for the first time by train for business. It was wonderfully comfortable and very easy to travel by. I will definitely travel this way again when I come back to Europe for business  
  • "Easy trip in France."    
    Its easy to order the tickets online. And no problem to get on the train at all. 簡單,方便,快捷 Traveller from HKG.  
  • "love the train!"    
    We rode first class from Barcelona to nimes, the ride was right on time, extremely comfortable, and a wonderful way to travel across southern France. The only confusing part was that our reserved seat numbers didn't seem to correspond to any of the actual seats...but unlike air travel, there were plenty of open seats and no one questioned if we were in the right seats. So, that didn't matter at all. Overall, wouldn't hesitate to ride the train again!  
  • "Trip"    
    Very good overall. Charging outlets in the seats will be nice. Also no Wi-Fi.  
  • "Relaxing"    
    Good and friendly service. Clean and comfort. Relaxing atmosphere.  
  • "Paria- Arras, Lille- Nimes"    
    Second trip was all good, no problems. HOWEVER the trip from Paris to Arras stopped somewhere for 1 and a half hours late and my French was not good enough to understand the announcements that kept being made!!! very frustrating for me and the person waiting to pick me up.  
  • "Fast and Secure"    
    No Complaining  
  • "Experience"    
    Fantastic experience !  
  • "Excellent trip"    
    Train on time; most comfortable ride; inexpensive due to booking early; 450 miles in 3 hours; loads of legroom; just the best way to travel!  
  • "TGV travel"    
    a great, convenient way to travel. Meant that we could enjoy the trip rather than concentrating on driving. Went first class as was only 20euro more for a family of 5 than 2nd class!  
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