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Getting there You can get to Nantes from Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:05 1,653
From Paris Cdg Airport 02:59 2,066
From Avignon 05:27 8,347
From Lyon 04:18 2,066
From Marseille 06:04 7,190
From Bordeaux 04:06 2,149
From Toulouse 06:49 1,653
From Montpellier 06:40 7,851
From Lille 03:57 2,479
From Rennes 01:14 2,058
From Strasbourg 05:17 7,107
From La Rochelle 01:54 826
From Quimperle 02:03 2,579
From Blois 02:04 3,066
From Tours 01:40 2,471
From Quimper 02:15 1,240
From Massy 02:02 2,066
From Saintes 02:47 1,983
From Champagne-ardenne 03:18 4,959
From Brest 03:25 3,959
From Vierzon 03:14 3,669
From Lorient 01:39 826
From Rosporden 02:19 2,909
From Marne La Vallee 02:45 2,066
From Rochefort 02:18 1,694
From Auray 01:30 2,074
From Pornichet 00:43 967
From Belleville Vendee 00:41 992
From Redon 00:43 1,165
From Cholet 00:45 1,017
From La Baule 00:48 1,066
From Machecoul 00:40 744
From La Roche Sur Yon 00:40 1,025
From Savenay 00:20 744
From Pontchateau 00:30 851
From St Nazaire 00:32 843
From Angers 00:35 1,116
From Le Pouliguen 00:54 1,050
From Le Croisic 01:00 1,182
From Lucon 01:14 1,628
From Le Mans 01:17 1,942
From St Gilles C De Vie 01:25 1,281
From Clisson 00:15 744
From Vannes 01:10 1,835
From Pornic 01:07 917
From Batz Sur Mer 01:01 1,314
From Saumur 01:01 1,570
From Challans 01:02 950
From Les Sables D'olon 01:07 1,240
From St Pierre Des Corps 01:31 1,736

Getting around From Nantes, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Clisson 00:32 744
To Ste Pazanne (loc) 00:36 744
To Belleville Vendee 00:52 992
To La Roche Sur Yon 01:06 1,025
To Angers 01:15 1,116
To Batz Sur Mer 01:25 1,314
To La Baule 02:18 1,008
To Paris 02:36 1,653
To Chateaulin 02:37 3,405
To Pornic 03:01 942
To Pontchateau 03:04 851
To Machecoul 03:05 744
To St Nazaire 03:07 843
To Massy 03:14 1,653
To Lucon 03:16 1,620
To Questembert 03:23 1,595
To Redon 03:23 1,165
To Le Mans 03:25 1,917
To Challans 03:27 950
To Le Pouliguen 03:38 1,041
To Le Croisic 03:40 1,107
To Les Sables D'olon 03:42 1,240
To St Gilles C De Vie 03:51 1,281
To Cholet 03:52 992
To Rennes 04:01 1,587
To Vannes 04:02 1,455
To Saumur 04:03 1,471
To Auray 04:17 1,669
To La Rochelle 04:25 826
To Tours 04:35 1,793
To St Pierre Des Corps 04:37 1,694
To Lorient 04:39 826
To Amboise 04:41 1,967
To Rochefort 04:44 1,240
To Quimperle 04:47 1,777
To Rosporden 05:03 2,347
To Champagne-ardenne 05:13 5,521
To Saintes 05:14 1,240
To Marne La Vallee 05:17 1,653
To Quimper 05:23 1,240
To Paris Cdg Airport 05:32 1,653
To Orleans 05:34 2,579
To Vierzon 05:39 2,628
To Brest 05:49 3,537
To Blois 06:01 2,190
To Bordeaux 06:08 1,653
To Lille 06:12 2,066
To Strasbourg 07:12 5,620
To Agen 07:15 3,388
To Toulouse 07:57 1,653
To Montpellier 08:06 6,942
To Avignon 08:54 4,545
To Lyon 08:57 2,066
To Marseille 09:32 4,132
To Nice 15:49 11,298

While you're there

Feel like French royalty in Nantes with a visit to the Dukes of Brittany Castle after a magical ride on a mechanical elephant. Sip sweet Muscadet wine at converted biscuit factory Lieu Unique; then head out for more tasting in the sinewy Loire Valley’s vineyards.

The History Museum of Nantes, located in the Castle, invites you to learn more about the history of this amazing town. Nearby the Castle, the medieval "Bouffay" district allows the visitors to admire picturesque timber-framed, half-timbered and corbelled houses.

Take time to visit the beautiful gothic cathedral which houses the grave of Anne of Brittany’s parents. Reach the "Graslin" square to have a break in "La Cigale", a lovely brasserie from 1900. If you’re found of shopping, stroll in the "Crébillon" street which leads to the magnificent neo-classic "Passage Pommeraye".

The art lovers should visit the Fine Arts Museum, one of the richest in France.

At lunch time, a host of local restaurants awaits you in the nearby Bouffay district. Walk into this medieval area and have a look at the belfry crowned with angels of the Sainte-Croix Church.

End your day by a dinner at La Cigale, a classified monument which dates back to the 1900’s and located just opposite the Opera Graslin. For over a century, no famous artist has ever missed a detour to this brasserie when he is in town.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Nantes can be found.


Address: 27,BoulevarddeStalingrad BP34112 44041 Nantes cedex1


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    It was easy to book my trip but I had to go to website to print my booking my booking confirmation and email for my tickets. Probably better to just book directly with the train provider.  
  • "Trains in France"    
    As usual train on time and good prices if you book well in advance  
  • "ride review"    
    the train was fine with all i needed.the conductors were helpful and the train station sales personal assisted me when I needed them  
  • "Paris - Nantes - Paris"    
    Just in time... Comfortable travel.... Thanks :)  
  • "A great trip"    
    We enjoyed the trip from Paris to Nantes. As tourists in France it gave us an unrivalled view of the countryside and time to enjoy our surroundings. The service was spot on time which is always greatly appreciated by travellers, so thanks.  
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    Thank you for arranging soon our seats closed to "restaurant lounge"  
  • "Nice train but to narrow"    
    I did bought a 1st class ticket. The train was beutiful, but it was much to narrow. My legs did not have much chans to stretch during this two hours jouney. I think the comfort should have been better in this class.  
  • "Lovely Trip After Long Day"    
    After a long day of work preceded with an overnight trip for six and a half hours, it was a great winding down trip on the train to Paris. Quiet, calm, clean, and punctual.  
  • "Nice trip"    
    Hi This was a nice trip and also train was so comfortable. I cannot say the same thing for returning trip. Train was so dirty even the seats and head holders. I had to cover my seat with my coat. Kind Regards.  
  • "Montparnasse Station"    
    The TGV trip itself was very comfortable and convenient. However, I thought that Montparnasse Station was very inconvenient, considering waiting places. It was a very cold day, and we arrived about 30 minutes early, but had a difficult time staying out of the cold.  
  • "Nice ride, but tres cher!"    
    I really enjoyed my ride on the TGV from CDG to Nantes. It was very comfortable, and I slept amazingly the entire way. However, I would say that there should be a cheaper price for upgrades. I purchased a coach ticket months ago online which was 56€ I believe, and the director on the platform directed me to an entrance that was for 1st class for some reason. Well being unfamiliar with the inner workings of the train and being extremely exhausted from a long flight as well, I just sat in first class, plus I had heavy luggage that I didn't want to haul through the train. So when they checked tickets, he pointed out that I was in the wrong section, and so I offered to upgrade thinking it would be just an extra 20€-30€. I paid 50€, so thus it's like I paid over 100€ for 1st class 1 way trip. I'm new here so I don't know if that sounds right, but it just seemed on the expensive side. Otherwise despite the price, it was really enjoyable.  
  • "quick, but a bit expensive"    
    quick, but a bit expensive ... which is alwazs the case with TGV. :-D  
  • "Business Trip"    
    Cars were clean and well appointed. Smooth, quiet and on time. Overall, a very pleasant journey.  
  • "First rate experience"    
    It was a pleasure to travel by rail. The train left on time, it was smooth and comfortable and the voyage interesting for me as a passenger from another country. Best still it is less expensive and more enjoyable than planes. Highly recommended.  
  • " A splendid form of travel"    
    The trip was exceptionally comfortable and convenient, and I thoroughly enjoyed travelling through the French countryside with no worries about traffic, airports, time constraints, etc. I will definitely use this method of travel again. The departure station was very conveniently located to the Nantes station and the drop off at the airport was simple and it was easy to proceed from there. Thank you. The announcements on the train were comprehensive.  
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