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Mannheim: Lots to see and do - from museums to outdoor activities

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Getting there You can get to Mannheim from Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:05 3,223
From Amsterdam 04:19 9,223
From Milan 06:58 2,645
From Frankfurt 00:35 1,740
From Berlin 04:23 2,756
From Munich 02:59 2,756
From Zurich 03:14 8,050
From Prague 10:04 4,050
From Avignon 06:39 3,223
From Lyon 05:24 3,223
From Interlaken 04:09 9,669
From Marseille 07:19 3,223
From Basel 02:08 6,132
From Salzburg 04:48 9,174
From Cologne 01:26 2,756
From Copenhagen 13:04 4,050
From Bern 03:10 8,430
From Stuttgart 00:37 1,806
From Hamburg 04:19 2,756
From Dusseldorf 01:48 2,756
From Dresden 05:26 4,467
From Heidelberg 00:10 665
From Strasbourg 01:23 2,397
From Freiburg 01:25 1,806
From Hanover 03:02 2,756
From Bonn 02:07 2,756
From Karlsruhe 00:23 1,293
From Friedrichshafen 03:33 2,756
From Wanne Eickel Hbf 03:46 2,756
From Mainz 00:40 1,521
From Kaiserslautern 00:45 1,616
From Kiel 05:30 2,756
From Moscow 31:00 20,950
From Worms 00:15 808
From Bruchsal 00:33 1,331
From Munster Westf Hb 03:22 2,756
From Baden Baden 00:40 1,806
From Offenburg 00:53 1,806
From Koblenz 01:33 1,806
From Ulm 01:37 1,806
From Duisburg 02:05 1,806
From Goeppingen 01:28 1,806
From Forbach 01:28 2,595
From Heilbronn 01:16 1,920
From Saarbrucken 01:18 1,806
From Ludwigshafen Rhei 00:04 665
From Essen 02:21 2,756
From Siegburg 01:11 2,756
From Besançon 03:12 3,223
From Bad Friedrichsh J 01:04 1,740
From Dortmund 02:46 2,756
From Augsburg 02:23 2,756
From Olten 02:42 7,008
From Wiesbaden 00:52 1,806

Getting around From Mannheim, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Worms 00:15 808
To Heidelberg 00:58 665
To Speyer 01:06 1,521
To Karlsruhe 01:08 1,293
To Hockenheim 01:12 1,521
To Baden Baden 01:21 1,806
To Frankfurt 01:30 1,740
To Forbach 01:32 2,595
To Bruchsal 01:57 1,169
To Stuttgart 02:06 1,806
To Wiesbaden 02:10 1,740
To Bad Friedrichsh J 02:11 1,740
To Mainz 02:16 1,521
To Offenburg 02:29 1,806
To Goeppingen 02:34 1,806
To Heilbronn 02:40 1,806
To Cologne 02:44 2,756
To Kaiserslautern 02:51 1,616
To Koblenz 02:58 1,806
To Ulm 03:03 1,806
To Siegburg 03:06 2,756
To Besançon 03:08 4,215
To Bonn 03:12 1,806
To Freiburg 03:30 1,806
To Saarbrucken 03:43 1,806
To Dusseldorf 04:01 2,756
To Duisburg 04:08 1,806
To Pfaeffikon 04:16 8,975
To Essen 04:29 2,756
To Spiez 04:46 9,306
To Dortmund 04:51 2,756
To Wanne Eickel Hbf 04:54 1,806
To Basel 04:55 5,388
To Augsburg 04:56 2,756
To Munich 04:56 2,756
To Munster Westf Hb 05:24 2,756
To Olten 05:26 7,008
To Hamburg 05:38 2,756
To Strasbourg 05:46 2,744
To Friedrichshafen 05:57 2,756
To Bern 05:57 8,430
To Zurich 05:58 6,711
To Neckarelz 06:20 2,025
To Interlaken 06:21 9,669
To Hanover 06:47 2,756
To Aix En Provence Tgv 06:51 4,876
To Marseille 07:06 4,876
To Lyon 07:33 4,050
To Paris 07:51 2,893
To Salzburg 07:56 8,430
To Avignon 08:34 4,050
To Berlin 09:10 2,756
To Dresden 10:00 2,756
To Kiel 10:25 2,756
To Amsterdam 11:09 6,364
To Copenhagen 13:50 4,050
To Prague 13:51 2,397
To Milan 15:59 13,223
To Moscow 48:51 23,273

While you're there

Mannheim, a lively german city that deserves to be known

Mannheim is located in the southwestern part of Germany. Founded at the beginning of 17th century, it is a 320 000 inhabitants city, so it is the largest one of the land (Bade-Wurtemberg) after Stuttgart. It is a very pleasant place to stay.

From concerts to cultural events, from museums to squares to stroll about, Mannheim is worth the visit. What about visiting the baroque Palace of the city, dating back to the 18th century? It houses nowadays the most beautiful university of the country!

Walk around the water castle and have a break in one of the numerous bar or restaurant of the city. You will experience a bustling nighlife and if you come in December you will be lucky to dawdle along the christmas markets, and to feast your eyes with the illuminations and the decorations!

Anyway, you will enjoy Mannheim as much in summer as in winter.

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  • "Amazing travel!"    
    The train was easy to access both at Mannheim and Paris Points of entry. The smooth ride and friendly staff made it a very enjoyable experience. We would without a doubt travel by this mode again.  
  • "Comfortable trip"    
    Straightforward trip. Second time for me this year.  
  • "Comfort Trip"    
    The trip was really comfort for family, and it arrived time to allow us to transit the domestic train at Germany. I would recommend others taking the rail Europe train.  
  • "Trip to Paris"    
    We had a great trip on the train. Fast and quiet, I wish our trains in Canada were half of what you have.  
  • "Trip to Paris"    
    Again and excellent trip on this fast train. Worth the trip just to say we were at 330 km/hour.  
  • "Adventure"    
    I enjoyed traveling via train and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to see Europe.  
  • "Trip PAris to Germany"    
    excellent experience. The only minor challenge that I have was figuring out the gate. I come from America and was not used to find a gate on the screen in the last 10 min before departure. Overall, well run train  
  • "*****"    
    Comfort***** Value of mony suitable Convenience ****  
  • "Excellent in every way"    
    We have used Rail Europe on a number of occasions, most recently a day trip from Paris to Mannheim. Every aspect of the trip from booking it to arriving back right on schedule, went perfectly. This is our preferred way to travel within Europe.  
    A very smooth and comfortable journey, with superb service, as I travelled in 1st class. The snacks and drinks was indeed good quality, and the train was exactly on time. I will most defintely use this service again.  
  • "train"    
    I'm glad, everything was good  
  • "Comfortable trip to Germany"    
    we traveled first class . It was extremely comfortable. Online booking and printing the ticket at home makes it even easier with seat being properly allocated. The included meal is a nice delight.  
  • "Exhilerating"    
    Very amused by the speed at which the train traveled. I thought the staff on this leg of the trip were a bit friendlier and the service was great. I would recommend this train to anyone.  
  • "More than expected"    
    Excellent trip from Munich to Paris. Everything was first class. I wasn't sure where exactly to board and the stewards were very helpful and directed me to the right car. The staff during the trip were efficient and attentive with the exception of the cabin steward, who was a bit distant and not quite as courteous as others but not insufferable.  
  • "Comfortable trip"    
    I traveled from Munich to Paris by train with a change of train in Mannheim. Comfortable seats in 1st class and quiet so i could work a bit and relax a bit. Clean carriage with good service. Almost the same time as travelling by plain but much cheaper and less stress.  
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