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Le Mans, car racing and heritage, a surprising mix in a pretty city! Le Mans is a city of western France, in the Pays de la Loire region. This 140,000 inhabitants city is very famous for the 24 hours of Le Mans, an international motor race. The city was built along the banks of the Sarthe and Huisne rivers and can easily be reached by train (...)

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Getting there You can get to Le Mans from Lyon, Marseille and Lille. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 00:54 ₹ 1,172
From Paris Cdg Airport 01:38 ₹ 2,031
From Avignon 04:07 ₹ 3,203
From Lyon 02:58 ₹ 1,953
From Marseille 04:42 ₹ 9,297
From Lille 02:35 ₹ 1,953
From Rennes 01:20 ₹ 1,406
From Aix En Provence Tgv 04:29 ₹ 7,656
From Strasbourg 03:53 ₹ 3,125
From La Ferte-bernard 00:24 ₹ 703
From Arras 02:41 ₹ 5,938
From Vannes 02:31 ₹ 2,188
From Guingamp 02:31 ₹ 2,266
From Saint-malo 02:14 ₹ 1,953
From Auray 02:49 ₹ 2,344
From St Brieuc 02:13 ₹ 3,359
From Lorient 03:01 ₹ 2,422
From Sille Le Guillaum 00:18 ₹ 703
From Vivoin Beaumont 00:16 ₹ 703
From Quimper 03:38 ₹ 2,891
From Brest 03:35 ₹ 2,891
From Dol 02:01 ₹ 1,797
From Morlaix 03:01 ₹ 2,500
From Sable 00:21 ₹ 703
From Mayet 00:26 ₹ 703
From Chateau Du Loir 00:27 ₹ 703
From Tours 00:57 ₹ 1,250
From St Pierre Des Corps 00:59 ₹ 1,328
From Massy 00:47 ₹ 1,172
From Laval 00:45 ₹ 1,016
From Evron 00:31 ₹ 859
From Nogent Le Rotrou 00:36 ₹ 859
From Angers 00:40 ₹ 1,094
From Courville Sur Eur 01:01 ₹ 1,406
From Vitre 01:05 ₹ 1,094
From Marne La Vallee 01:22 ₹ 1,562
From Caen 01:35 ₹ 781
From Champagne 00:06 ₹ 703
From Nantes 01:19 ₹ 1,797
From Chartres 01:13 ₹ 1,562
From Mezidon 01:19 ₹ 1,797
From Alencon 00:28 ₹ 781
From Versailles 02:02 ₹ 2,344

Getting around From Le Mans, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Champagne 00:07 ₹ 703
To Sille Le Guillaum 00:27 ₹ 703
To Mayet 00:28 ₹ 703
To Vivoin Beaumont 00:30 ₹ 703
To La Ferte-bernard 00:34 ₹ 703
To Sable 00:38 ₹ 703
To Chateau Du Loir 00:49 ₹ 703
To Nogent Le Rotrou 00:50 ₹ 859
To Massy 00:52 ₹ 1,562
To Alencon 00:52 ₹ 781
To Evron 00:56 ₹ 859
To Laval 01:16 ₹ 1,016
To Angers 01:22 ₹ 1,094
To Marne La Vallee 01:30 ₹ 1,562
To Paris Cdg Airport 01:39 ₹ 1,953
To Nantes 02:42 ₹ 1,797
To Versailles 02:59 ₹ 2,266
To St Pierre Des Corps 03:21 ₹ 1,016
To Vitre 03:34 ₹ 1,094
To Tours 03:36 ₹ 1,250
To Courville Sur Eur 03:39 ₹ 1,406
To Chartres 03:53 ₹ 1,562
To Rennes 03:59 ₹ 1,406
To Maintenon 04:06 ₹ 1,797
To Mezidon 04:17 ₹ 1,797
To Dol 04:27 ₹ 1,797
To Lille 04:34 ₹ 1,953
To Caen 04:41 ₹ 781
To St Brieuc 04:43 ₹ 2,188
To Saint-malo 04:47 ₹ 1,953
To Guingamp 04:54 ₹ 2,266
To Paris 04:56 ₹ 1,562
To Arras 05:09 ₹ 3,125
To Vannes 05:10 ₹ 2,188
To Auray 05:11 ₹ 2,344
To Marseille 05:17 ₹ 6,172
To Lorient 05:22 ₹ 2,422
To Morlaix 05:27 ₹ 2,500
To Strasbourg 05:38 ₹ 5,000
To Brest 05:41 ₹ 2,891
To Quimper 06:07 ₹ 2,891
To Nimes 06:14 ₹ 8,906
To Avignon 06:43 ₹ 5,781
To Aix En Provence Tgv 07:00 ₹ 7,578
To Lyon 07:18 ₹ 3,594

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Le Mans, car racing and heritage, a surprising mix in a pretty city!

Le Mans is a city of western France, in the Pays de la Loire region. This 140,000 inhabitants city is very famous for the 24 hours of Le Mans, an international motor race. The city was built along the banks of the Sarthe and Huisne rivers and can easily be reached by train from Paris.

The main event in Le Mans is without any doubt the 24 hours of Le Mans. This race groups many pilots together for different trials lasting each 24 hours.

Over this event, Le Mans is labelled "ville d’art et d’histoire". Historically, Le Mans is related to the Plantagenêt’s dynasty insomuch the historic centre is called the Plantagenêt’s Cité. This part of the city contains many monuments such as the Saint Peter la Cour’s collegiate or the Saint Julien’s cathedral.

Le Mans also presents an unique example of roman wall, which is one of the best preserved ones in the ancient Roman Empire.

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    Purchased ticket online. received via email. printed it. used it on the train. Easy.  
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    We had a very pleasant journey!  
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    Space for baggage each end of carriage.  
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    Enjoyable train services! Reliable!  
  • "France"    
    Excellent booking system - good price by booking online early, picked up tickets at the station on the day with no problems (machines in English). Trains punctual and reliable.  
  • "Trip to Le Mans"    
    Train was cancelled but I managed to get on a train there and back. However, the return trip I didn't get a seat. I like the TGV but this experience was a bit strenuous because of the uncertainty of the trains. I think the crew that was there did a good job overall.  
  • "TGV - Paris - Le Mans"    
    I was impressed by the general comfort and punctuality of the service. My reason for taking using this service was to be able to travel to Caen for a very short visit that would not have been possible if the TGV service was not available. Two matters for disappointment: 1) When the train stopped for perhaps 45 minutes, no announcement giving a brief reason for the cause of the delay was made. For me, that relatively small delay impacted quite severely on the time I was going to have available in Caen to visit WWII memorial locations. 2) I found the nearest on-board toilet (Coach D) to be quite unsatisfactory. My feeling would be that women in particular may not have felt able to use the facility and anyone who had mobility difficulties would have been at risk of slipping and possibly falling. Thank you.  
  • "last and next trips"    
    Dear sir, Thank you for your acceptance of my notes, And which can be summarized as follows: 1 - Travel timing was appropriate. 2 - the transition between the trains at the station was so easy. 3 - display to the movement of trains was up to date . 4 - unfortunately the luggage chamber was small. By the way I have a revaersation from Paris to Monte Carlo on 21/5/2014, a transaction of 123.90 euro was translated on 22/2/2014, card no 0621. Hope to send the e tickets. With my best wishes. Ayad Asaad Ibrahim  
  • "Inconvenient"    
    This train was stopped at a station before it reached St Malo due to a problem with the track ahead. We were kept sitting in the train for some time - at least half an hour - before suddenly everyone started getting off. We do not speak French and struggled to understand what was going on. We collected our luggage and followed other passengers to the Bus Station where we again waited some time - at least 20 minutes - before buses came to transport us the rest of the journey to St Malo. We had to ask staff to explain what was happening in English as there was little consideration for passengers who did not speak French. Water was handed to passengers as they embarked on the buses. We were especially disappointed as we only had a little more than 24 hours to spend in St Malo and lost at least 1 1/2 hours of that time because of the additional travel time caused by the delay. We were handed forms to fill in to receive compensation for the inconvenience caused but have yet to establish if we will have part of the cost of the fare reimbursed. We appreciated the fact this was offered.  
  • "Wonderful experitnce"    
    We went to Marseille from Paris by TGV train. We enjoyed the experience on the train.  
  • "Unreasonable reservation fee"    
    With the France Rail Pass, I can't believe I have to spend another HKD 400 for 2-seats reservation. The reservation fee policy actually limited my choice of train for France Rail Pass - if I took all the travel on TGV, the total cost for Rail Pass reservation is even higher than buying individual tickets. Please could you consider a bit from customer perspective.  
  • "get the tickets"    
    Could not get the tickets at automatic counters (missing ticket codes on confirmation of reservation). Long queue at the counter.  
  • "Not bad but very expensive!"    
    I like the TGVs; they're fast and really nice and clean. Unfortunately, if you don't speak French, you'll have a hard time understanding what's going on, as all the tickets, signage and announcements over the loudspeaker are in French. I do speak some French so it was ok but it was still a bit confusing. For example, I had two suitcases with me, one HUGE and heavy, and I had to sit down. I found a seat in a really nice carriage, but soon after the ticket man told me, in French, I was in first class not second class (I'm pretty sure that's what he said). I didn't know if I should move or not, and it was pretty obvious I didn't really understand. So i stayed put, with all my luggage, and no one made me move. Also, it's so expensive!! More expensive that flying, in some cases. I would use the trains more if they weren't so exorbitantly overpriced. But they're clean, fast and reliable so I can't really complain. But be warned- learn some relevant French words before catching a TGV to save yourself some confusion!