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Innsbruck, gem of the Tyrol

About Austria

Getting there You can get to Innsbruck from Florence, Munich and Zurich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Rome 09:27 ₹ 2,214
From Venice 04:30 ₹ 2,214
From Milan 06:56 ₹ 3,740
From Florence 06:22 ₹ 3,740
From Munich 01:45 ₹ 2,977
From Zurich 03:33 ₹ 2,977
From Vienna 04:08 ₹ 5,573
From Budapest 07:35 ₹ 6,794
From Salzburg 01:42 ₹ 3,511
From Verona 03:28 ₹ 2,214
From Stuttgart 06:04 ₹ 7,481
From Bologna 04:40 ₹ 2,214
From Zagreb 10:12 ₹ 7,557
From Padua 04:14 ₹ 2,214
From Linz 02:51 ₹ 4,504
From Bischofshofen 02:32 ₹ 2,901
From Bregenz 02:23 ₹ 3,588
From Attnang Puchheim 02:54 ₹ 4,275
From Dornbirn 02:09 ₹ 2,748
From Lindau 03:00 ₹ 3,664
From Sargans 02:36 ₹ 3,053
From Trento 02:33 ₹ 1,450
From Feldkirch 01:51 ₹ 2,443
From Kufstein 00:40 ₹ 1,298
From Landeck 00:41 ₹ 1,298
From Kitzbuhel 00:58 ₹ 1,603
From Rosenheim 01:04 ₹ 2,214
From Seefeld In Tirol 00:37 ₹ 534
From Brennero 00:32 ₹ 1,069
From Otztal 00:23 ₹ 916
From Worgl 00:27 ₹ 1,069
From Imst Pitztal 00:31 ₹ 1,069
From St Johann In Tirol 01:06 ₹ 1,756
From St Anton Am Arlberg 01:09 ₹ 1,679
From Saalfelden 01:36 ₹ 2,290
From Zell Am See 01:46 ₹ 2,443
From Jenbach 00:16 ₹ 763
From Bludenz 01:36 ₹ 2,214
From Bressanone Brixen 01:28 ₹ 1,450
From Fortezza 01:17 ₹ 1,450
From Langen Am Arlberg 01:19 ₹ 1,832
From Garmisch 01:20 ₹ 3,053
From Bolzano 01:58 ₹ 1,450

Getting around From Innsbruck, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Jenbach 00:34 ₹ 763
To Brennero 00:35 ₹ 1,069
To Seefeld In Tirol 00:36 ₹ 534
To Otztal 00:54 ₹ 916
To Worgl 00:56 ₹ 1,069
To Imst Pitztal 01:08 ₹ 1,069
To Fortezza 01:17 ₹ 1,450
To Kufstein 01:17 ₹ 1,298
To St Anton Am Arlberg 01:19 ₹ 2,366
To Landeck 01:27 ₹ 1,298
To Bressanone Brixen 01:28 ₹ 1,450
To Langen Am Arlberg 01:29 ₹ 1,832
To Garmisch 01:52 ₹ 1,450
To Bludenz 01:58 ₹ 2,214
To Bolzano 02:00 ₹ 1,450
To Kitzbuhel 02:06 ₹ 1,603
To St Johann In Tirol 02:15 ₹ 1,756
To Feldkirch 02:17 ₹ 2,443
To Trento 02:35 ₹ 1,450
To Rosenheim 02:37 ₹ 2,214
To Sargans 02:43 ₹ 3,053
To Munich 02:49 ₹ 2,977
To Dornbirn 03:15 ₹ 2,748
To Bischofshofen 03:17 ₹ 2,901
To Bregenz 03:25 ₹ 2,901
To Verona 03:32 ₹ 2,214
To Zell Am See 04:01 ₹ 2,443
To Salzburg 04:02 ₹ 3,511
To Lindau 04:11 ₹ 2,977
To Saalfelden 04:14 ₹ 2,290
To Zurich 04:27 ₹ 2,977
To Padua 04:45 ₹ 2,214
To Bologna 05:23 ₹ 2,214
To Lienz 05:42 ₹ 3,435
To Attnang Puchheim 06:24 ₹ 4,275
To Linz 07:00 ₹ 4,504
To Florence 07:13 ₹ 2,214
To Fussen 07:24 ₹ 5,038
To Graz 07:53 ₹ 8,550
To Vienna 09:20 ₹ 5,191
To Paris 10:01 ₹ 9,160
To Milan 10:25 ₹ 3,817
To Venice 11:47 ₹ 2,214
To Budapest 12:00 ₹ 5,191
To Zagreb 12:17 ₹ 5,954
To Rome 12:33 ₹ 2,214
To Berlin 13:37 ₹ 10,534

While you're there

A picture-perfect Austrian city with Alpine appeal, Innsbruck blends lavish baroque palaces and designer boutiques with old-world taverns and glass-fronted bars. Glittering with crystals and shining slopes, it’s steeped in tradition but by no means traditional – as Bögen’s all-night parties confirm.

Located in the western part of Austria, Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrol region, is a very accessible city with hundreds of shops, restaurants and numerous other year-round attractions. There are many ski areas around the city. Did you know that Innsbruck was twice host of the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976, and it also became the first city to host three Winter Olympics when it staged the world’s first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012?

Take an early train from Salzburg to Innsbruck (1h50 trip), a beautiful alpine city with a medieval old town nestled in the mountains of the Nordkette. The Emperor Maximilian I, known as the last true knight, and Holy Roman Emperor gave his special stamp to the city: the Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace and the Hofkirche imperial church which holds his mausoleum, surrounded by 28 bronze giant statues. In the same building you will find a beautiful museum which brings you closer to the Tyrolean culture.
Dedicate the rest of the day to walk around in town, shopping at the Maria Theresien street. At night go to a nice Tyrolean show, with a varied program with folkloric dances and shoe-slapping as well as typical Tyrolean songs and yodelling.
The next day, visit three emblematic places around the historic centre.
Take tram 1 to visit the Bergisel hill where you will find the panorama museum with its giant painting of the Battle of Bergisel. Enjoy the breath-taking views of the city from there.
Continue with the bus J to Igls, a small mountain village (0h15 trip), to take the Patscherkofel cable car included in the Innsbruck Card, to enjoy the magnificent views. In the afternoon take tram 3 to visit the castle of Ambras, which has a unique collection of art.

Taste the specialities of the region, such as Schlutzkrapfen (dumplings stuffed with cheese or spinach), Käsespätzle (pasta tossed with onions and cheese) and Tiroler Gröstl (pan with potatoes, meat and vegetables) in the Tiroler Wirsthaus, one of the typical restaurants.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Innsbruck can be found.

Innsbruck Hbf

Address: Südtiroler Platz 7 A-6020 Innsbruck


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  • "travelling Italy Austria "    
    Trains are very comfortable no question about it. But there are very few direct trains from the starting point like Roma Termini or any other station. We traveled to Aosta valley with 3 to 4 changes.For people like us who are touching 60 yrs is bit difficult to change so many stations with luggage . But running time and the comforts are excellent. We will definitely travel again in Europe by Rail Europe. Regards, Joydeep Ghosal/ Devjani Ghosal  
  • "Great way to travel in Europe"    
    Comfortable seats, clean toilet and a great way to travel in Europe. Scenic view along the way, which made travelling enjoyable. Information is displayed at strategic spots so you can track your journey. Announcement is made at each station so you wont miss your destination.  
  • "Comfortable and easy"    
    Would like to say it was a very convenient way with hassle free travel.  
  • "Venice to Innsbruck"    
    Comfort and value for money was great. Just that the train moved very slowly and stopped around a lot  
  • "Innsbruck to Salzburg"    
    Comfortable and as per expectations.  
  • "Value for money"    
    Travelled first class, comfortable seats ,good air-conditioning . But no space for big suitcases , apart from overhead shelves which was not easy for women . There were no welcoming drinks as on other Italian trains . Overall , am pleased with experience  
  • "innsbruck to venice"    
    would travel again  
  • "Worry re:strike"    
    Worried as German train strikes were on. Called the Singapore office and they checked for me, assured me and advised what to do in the event the train was really on strike. Train ride itself was good - punctual, train was clean.  
  • "Easy and Comfort "    
    It was a very smooth and comfortable ride from Zurich to Salzburg. I truly enjoyed the ride on the train overlooking the views of the alps and fields.  
  • "Only one negative"    
    Entire experience was very good. My only issue was that I didn't have the option to email tickets to the USA or print at home. I was forced to pay 12€ to ship paper tickets to my home. In today's age, this is absurd. Nothing bad to say otherwise.  
  • "Family return trip to Innsbruc"    
    Our family of 4 really enjoyedthe return train trip from Vienna to Innsbruck. The only concern I had was that the seats allocated should have been 4 seats facing one another with the table in between. I also found it difficult to find contact details to make seat allocation changes. The trip itself was great! Thank you Trevor  
  • "Tight fit"    
    Not much legroom in the 2nd class. Otherwise it was fine.  
    Everything was very good except three things : First the toilet was not so clean and had a bad smell. Second and very important if you wanted to drink some coffee Or water , they where very expensive so I didn't buy anything Due it was very expensive. Third and last , I couldn't charge by mobile telephone due to the voltage of the Train was 230V! Except the above two things all the rest was very good. Thank you  
  • "travel to Italy"    
    This is a brilliant trip and a wonderful way to arrive in Italy. beautiful scenery and we were lucky in that there had been snow a few days before we departed.  
  • "trip to Verona"    
    This was a very comfortable fast way to get to Innsbruck. The station at Innsbruck is smallish and well signed.  
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