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Colmar, a quintessential Alsatian place

About France

Getting there You can get to Colmar from Avignon, Lyon and Marseille. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:50 ₹ 2,362
From Nice 12:58 ₹ 5,039
From Zurich 02:05 ₹ 3,386
From Avignon 05:10 ₹ 1,969
From Lyon 02:56 ₹ 1,575
From Marseille 04:41 ₹ 3,071
From Basel 00:42 ₹ 709
From Montpellier 05:20 ₹ 4,961
From Dijon 01:35 ₹ 1,181
From Luxembourg 02:37
From Aix En Provence Tgv 04:26 ₹ 1,575
From Strasbourg 00:25 ₹ 787
From Mulhouse 00:17 ₹ 709
From Bourg En Bresse 03:08 ₹ 4,173
From Turckheim 00:06 ₹ 709
From Toulon 11:02 ₹ 4,567
From Munster(fr) 00:18 ₹ 709
From Selestat 00:09 ₹ 709
From St Louis (local) 00:34 ₹ 709
From Besançon 00:55 ₹ 945
From Montbeliard 00:48 ₹ 709
From Rouffach 00:06 ₹ 709
From Metz 01:55 ₹ 2,047
From Nancy 02:06 ₹ 2,520
From Belfort 00:48 ₹ 709
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 00:48 ₹ 709

Getting around From Colmar, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Rouffach 00:10 ₹ 709
To Turckheim 00:12 ₹ 709
To Selestat 00:14 ₹ 709
To Munster(fr) 00:34 ₹ 709
To Mulhouse 00:38 ₹ 709
To Strasbourg 00:52 ₹ 787
To St Louis (local) 02:35 ₹ 709
To Basel 03:05 ₹ 709
To Luxembourg 03:14 ₹ 3,622
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 03:30 ₹ 709
To Belfort 03:30 ₹ 709
To Besançon 03:44 ₹ 945
To Dijon 03:49 ₹ 1,732
To Nancy 04:06 ₹ 1,969
To Zurich 04:24 ₹ 3,386
To Metz 04:40 ₹ 2,047
To Paris 05:14 ₹ 2,362
To Lyon 05:27 ₹ 1,969
To Aix En Provence Tgv 06:32 ₹ 6,614
To Avignon 10:49 ₹ 1,575
To Marseille 11:58 ₹ 6,772
To Montpellier 12:00 ₹ 4,094
To Nice 15:07 ₹ 1,575

While you're there

Colmar, a sunny and pleasant city of Alsace

Colmar is a 60.000 inhabitants city located in Alsace, in the eastern France. Probably dating back to the carolingian dynasty, this lovely town has a lot to offer. Between museums, shops and cultural heritage, you will be spoiled for choice!

Board a train to Colmar and let the charm operate. Among the unavoidable must-see of Colmar, you have to stroll along the "Petite Venise" district’s streets.

You will easily understand why does this area has such a nickname having a walk along the Lauch’s canal. Head the "Ancienne douane" square and discover the old custom, called Koïfhus, dating back to the 15th century. Discover the 16th century Pfister house with its just-restored frescos and visit the St Martin collegiate dating back to the 13th and 14th century. Admire the "maisons aux têtes" facade, adorned with more than a hundred mascarons.

Then don’t miss the Dominican’s church, and the Unterlinden museum, housed in an ancient convent and presenting masterpieces of the Rhineland art.

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  • "Good Trip!"    
    Hi there I enjoy the trip from Colmar to Paris. the train was arrived and depart on schedule; it was very clean, including the Toilet (since we are traveling with baby); and the staff is very nice. I also emphasize the effective and good booking and payment process of your website system Thank you!  
  • "To Dordrecht by Thalys Train"    
    A quick and enjoyable journey  
  • "Excellent"    
    Traveling throughout France on the TGV was an easy quick enjoyable way to get to my destinations  
  • "A convenient Trip"    
    The trip to Colmar was very comfortable. The train departed and arrived on time. Except the change was a bit rush  
  • "A comfortable Trip"    
    The trip to Strasbourg was very comfortable. The train departed and arrived on time.  
  • "French Train System"    
    The train is awesome. Take it. Always. Also, if you know how, use a proxy to buy tickets on raileurope from a european country, not from the us. They're cheaper.  
  • "comfortable "    
    It was a comfortable journey from Colmar to Paris with a stopover at Strasbourg for 6 hours. We stopped over as the Strasbourg station has the luggage facilities. We are seniors so it was not so convenient to sit at the upper seat for the journey from Strasbourg to Paris.  
  • "Great trip"    
    My husband and I are staying in Colmar, and it couldn't have been easier to get to Colmar from Paris. Getting to the Gare l'est was simple from the airport (the hardest part was figuring out how to get from the Gare nord to the Gare l'est), and even though I had to exchange our tickets because we missed our train due to a delayed flight, it was an easy process. The ride to Colmar was comfortable and fast. I looked into renting a car, but traveling by train was much faster. I would recommend Rail Europe to a friend.  
  • "Convenient travelling"    
    Very helpful SNCF staff during the strike! Comfortable seats. Clean environment.  
  • "Excellent Service"    
    SNCF Staff very helpful. Train neat and clean. Comfortable travel experience!  
  • "Too expensive"    
    The price is not synchronized with sncf , which is sometimes cheaper than booking here.  
  • "SNCF: great trains, too stuffy"    
    I am a train nerd so I was very excited to be on these famous fast, smooth trains. Yes they are fast, smooth and very comfortable, but on this and the other TGV /TER trains, it is very stuffy: no air, too hot, quite uncomfortable. Not being able to pick a seat that faces in the direction the train will travel is a problem for me as I suffer from motion sickness (great for a train nut) . I would love to be able to do this. Otherwise it is a good train system.  
  • "n/a"    
    please consider removing the transaction fee and allowing us to choose at least the type of seats we get.