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Getting there You can get to Caen from Pontorson, Le Mans and Folligny. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:49 ₹ 1,172
From Rennes 02:54 ₹ 2,812
From Rouen 01:35 ₹ 2,031
From Pontorson 02:00 ₹ 2,109
From Le Mans 01:32 ₹ 781
From Folligny 01:28 ₹ 1,719
From Tours 02:45 ₹ 1,172
From Avranches 01:41 ₹ 1,953
From Mezidon 00:13 ₹ 703
From St Pierre Des Corps 02:35 ₹ 2,891
From Dol 02:23 ₹ 2,266
From Cherbourg 01:12 ₹ 1,719
From Argentan 00:35 ₹ 938
From Lison 00:30 ₹ 781
From Lisieux 00:25 ₹ 703
From Bayeux 00:16 ₹ 703
From St Lo 00:44 ₹ 1,016
From Serquigny 00:52 ₹ 1,172
From Alencon 01:01 ₹ 781
From Evreux 01:06 ₹ 1,719
From Carantilly-marigny 00:59 ₹ 1,172
From Coutances 01:05 ₹ 1,328
From Mantes Jolie 01:38 ₹ 2,266

Getting around From Caen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Mezidon 00:19 ₹ 703
To Bayeux 00:22 ₹ 703
To Lisieux 00:35 ₹ 703
To Lison 00:43 ₹ 781
To Serquigny 01:01 ₹ 1,172
To Carantilly-marigny 01:09 ₹ 1,172
To Cherbourg 01:18 ₹ 1,641
To Rouen 01:55 ₹ 2,031
To St Lo 02:47 ₹ 1,016
To Carentan 03:03 ₹ 1,016
To Argentan 03:05 ₹ 938
To Coutances 03:24 ₹ 1,328
To Valognes 03:28 ₹ 1,328
To Elbeuf Saint Aubin 03:29 ₹ 1,797
To Alencon 03:34 ₹ 781
To Evreux 03:45 ₹ 1,719
To Folligny 04:03 ₹ 1,641
To Pontorson 04:03 ₹ 2,109
To Mantes Jolie 04:04 ₹ 2,266
To Paris 04:19 ₹ 1,797
To Avranches 04:19 ₹ 1,875
To Dol 04:20 ₹ 2,266
To Le Mans 04:26 ₹ 781
To Tours 05:17 ₹ 1,172
To Rennes 05:49 ₹ 2,422
To St Pierre Des Corps 06:22 ₹ 1,953

While you're there

Caen, count the belltowers!

Caen is situated in Basse-Normandie, in the north-east of France. The town nicknamed "ville aux cent clochers" ("hundred bell towers city" ) is only 2 hours far from Paris and connected to England thanks to the ferry boat Caen-Portsmouth.

The main historical monuments of Caen were built under WIlliam the Conqueror in the 11th century: the Abbey of Saint-Etienne (also known as "Abbaye aux Hommes") which houses the city hall, the Abbey of Sainte-Trinité (also called "Abbaye aux Dames") and the picturesque castle, one of the largest castles in Europe.

Despite the bombings of the Second World War, the old city was conserved and you can still stroll about its streets. Don’t forget to visit the Mémorial of Caen, commemorating the Second World War and the Battle for Caen which you won’t leave without feeling moved.

Discover the local gastronomy: the famous tripe from Caen, the "livarot" cheese and the "teurgoule" dessert.

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  • "The Right Bang for Your Buck"    
    For 50 euro, I got exactly what I expected. Mildly comfortable seats and a decent facility. If I needed to use the train again, I would have no problem booking with Rail Europe.  
  • "Travelled to Bayeux from Paris"    
    Once you get bearings for how each Paris train station goes to different parts of the country it is easy to use rail Europe to go anywhere. Our trip was simple and we had pdf files sent to us to print before our trip.  
  • "Trip to Normandy Beaches"    
    Very nice train ride and quick. Made my connection in Caen to Bayeux with plenty of time. Great ride for the money.  
  • "nice train trip to normandy!"    
    Wonderful experience to take the intercity train from Paris St Lazare to Normandy and back! Much to prefer compared to connecting flights, as we got to see the tranquil countryside and was very comfortably seated as we had reserved seats on the internet! Very good value for money. 5 girls on holiday  
  • "Train was nice, finding it..."    
    I will say up front that neither my wife nor I speak any French, but when we got to the train station we found our trip listed, but no platform. There was "Attention..." shown after the trip listing, which made us a bit nervous, especially since we had no idea what the remainder of the message said. We found a very nice person who translated for us (a couple of the carriages were not going to the final destination) and assured us we were waiting in the correct location. Once aboard, all was good - quick trip and quite comfortable and a very nice couple sitting behind us made sure we got off at the right stop.  
  • "Bayeux"    
    please make it easier to have the option to print at home - i wanted to print at home and RailEurope rep thru email said you can't change - customer should be able to make an option available any time. otherwise it all worked  
  • "trip from Paris St Lazare-Caen"    
    The trip was average upto Caen, and from Caen - Renne was excellent. And the ticket was so high. It shoud be max. 30 euro at any time  
  • "Paris to Avignon"    
    Taking the train is super easy. I had my eticket already printed out. All the station signs and monitors were easily read and understood. I took the Metro to my station and climbed aboard the train. The coaches and seats were clearly labeled, the seats comfortable, lots of storage for bags and the views were spectacular. The train ride was smooth and fast. Truly enjoyable.  
  • "Caen to Paris"    
    For price when booked early 2nd class works ok. Given trip was aprx 2hr 20min value good for price. Website easy to use. It would be helpful to be able to have E-ticket rather than expense of couier of paper ticket.  
  • "BAD LUCK"    
    Engine had a power problem and we ended up arriving later than next TGV. Cannot complain of handling of incident however.  
  • "a good experience"    
    Everything went smoothly. The train was on time, it was comfortable, and the transfer from Paris Est to St Lazare station for our connecting flight was made easy by excellent signage.