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Angouleme, the french comic-strip capital Stroll along the ramparts of French city Angoulême, where intricate murals and quirky cartoons brighten building façades. France is a comic-mad country, and Angoulême is the centre of the bande dessinée world, home to the glass-panelled National Comic Strip Centre and exuberant International Comics (...)

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Getting there You can get to Angouleme from Lille, Strasbourg and La Rochelle. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:28 ₹ 1,575
From Paris Cdg Airport 03:11 ₹ 2,362
From Bordeaux 01:00 ₹ 1,417
From Lille 04:11 ₹ 3,150
From Strasbourg 05:31 ₹ 5,984
From La Rochelle 01:54 ₹ 1,969
From Royan 01:31 ₹ 1,496
From Limoges 01:38 ₹ 1,496
From Saujon 01:22 ₹ 1,339
From St Pierre Des Corps 01:21 ₹ 1,811
From Champagne-ardenne 03:38 ₹ 5,354
From Marne La Vallee 02:58 ₹ 3,150
From Massy 02:24 ₹ 2,362
From Chatellerault 01:06 ₹ 2,205
From St Saviol 00:32 ₹ 866
From Cognac 00:36 ₹ 709
From Chalais 00:27 ₹ 709
From Jarnac Charente 00:26 ₹ 709
From La Rochefoucauld 00:22 ₹ 709
From Libourne 00:39 ₹ 1,102
From Roumazieres Loube 00:43 ₹ 787
From Ruffec 00:20 ₹ 709
From Saintes 00:55 ₹ 1,102
From Poitiers 00:48 ₹ 1,260
From Coutras 00:47 ₹ 1,102
From St Junien 01:08 ₹ 1,102

Getting around From Angouleme, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Ruffec 00:25 ₹ 709
To Chalais 00:28 ₹ 787
To Jarnac Charente 00:30 ₹ 709
To Cognac 00:41 ₹ 787
To Poitiers 01:19 ₹ 1,260
To Coutras 01:54 ₹ 1,102
To Libourne 02:08 ₹ 1,102
To Massy 02:28 ₹ 4,094
To Roumazieres Loube 02:56 ₹ 787
To Marne La Vallee 03:03 ₹ 3,150
To Saintes 03:18 ₹ 1,102
To Paris Cdg Airport 03:19 ₹ 2,362
To St Junien 03:24 ₹ 1,102
To Chatellerault 03:26 ₹ 1,496
To Bordeaux 03:31 ₹ 1,417
To La Rochelle 03:43 ₹ 1,811
To St Pierre Des Corps 03:45 ₹ 1,811
To Saujon 03:48 ₹ 1,339
To Royan 03:57 ₹ 1,496
To Limoges 04:01 ₹ 1,496
To Paris 04:52 ₹ 1,575
To Orthez 05:13 ₹ 2,441
To Bayonne 05:28 ₹ 2,441
To Strasbourg 05:37 ₹ 7,008
To Champagne-ardenne 05:40 ₹ 3,150
To Biarritz 05:41 ₹ 2,520
To Toulouse 05:55 ₹ 2,756
To Lourdes 05:59 ₹ 2,913
To Hendaye 06:08 ₹ 2,598
To Lille 06:12 ₹ 3,150
To Brussels 07:17 ₹ 5,512

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Angouleme, the french comic-strip capital

Stroll along the ramparts of French city Angoulême, where intricate murals and quirky cartoons brighten building façades. France is a comic-mad country, and Angoulême is the centre of the bande dessinée world, home to the glass-panelled National Comic Strip Centre and exuberant International Comics Festival.

After having a walk along the 4th, 13th and 16th century ramparts, what about discovering the St Peter’s cathedral. Dating back to the 12th century, the building was modified several times. But this one stays a great example of the regional romanesque architecture and sculpture.

If you are fond of religious architecture, you will have a lot to visit and you may be spoiled for choice, between remains of abbeys such as the St Ausonne ruins, or other churches such as the St André’s one. In a totally different style, wander around the covered market. Its architecture of glass and iron echoes the Baltard Pavillon near Paris.

You can also admire the Town Hall, keeping some remains of the medieval castle built here before. Its crenellated towers remind of a fortress. Around Angoulême, nature lovers will be happy to find the Charente valley, which provides very pleasant footpathes and landscapes.

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Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Angouleme can be found.


Address: 4, Place de la gare 16022 Angouleme cedex


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  • "TGV to PARIS"    
    Train was exactly on time, very smooth and quiet. It was a great experience travelling at 300km/h. It was an easy way to get to Paris and then on to London. Exterior of train needed cleaning.  
  • "Trip from Angouleme to Paris"    
    This trip was very comfortable. We had no problems and enjoyed it!  
  • "Fist time users."    
    First time we have used Rail Europe but will not be the last.Easy to use booking service.Journey,fast,comfortable and reasonably priced.  
  • "so easy"    
    A last minute plan, but a very reasonable price and I upgraded to 1st class, which I highly recommend - so cool with really comfortable seats - loved it.  
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    Very Good on time service thankyou.  
  • "efficient and convenient"    
    The service experienced was exceptional. Highly dependable and hugely convenient. Thank you TGV for making my travels through Europe an experience to remember!!!!  
  • "French trains"    
    On time departure, spacious, comfortable and fast.  
  • "The only way to go"    
    This fast efficient travel to Angouleme was further enhanced by new carriage we were in with its more comfortable seats and abundant luggage space.  
  • "Pretty Nice Way to Travel"    
    It was a nice trip, left and arrived on time and our reservation was honored. A couple of suggestions that will make travel a bit easier for foreigners that are not that familiar with the French system. First, get rid of that composting system. It does not seem to serve any useful purpose, except for the composting machine vendors. Also, improve your web sight. It is not very intuitive and gave apparently incorrect instructions. We made and paid on line and got an email that said that we would be sent a message confirming our ticket within two days. It never arrived so we got nervous about whether we had been scammed and had to go to the station to pick up the tickets. Finally, it would be good to make the voiture numbers more evident, they are hard to find and see.  
  • "Quality travel"    
    This was our first leg on a 10 day rail tour. Everything was well organised .the bar staff efficient and friendly  
  • "Montparnasse-Anaouleme"    
    We had an excellent trip on eurorail. The big black board with platform details was very informative and easy to follow. The train was very comfortable and we enjoyed the on board coffee.  
  • "Angouleme"    
    We have to wait in Paris CDG 4 hours after flight arrival to train departure. That was the only negative part.  
  • "5 go to paris"    
    5very excited ladies on a trip today paris,we were very I pressed from start to finish with the booking web page, to the info it gave us, to printing off the tickets at home and the price was excellent. I would always use this method to get around France land would recommend it to friends.! Thank you for making our trip comfortable.  
  • "Incredibly long journey"    
    Train was held for approx 30 mins at each station- increasing the journey time for another hour, was very glad to get off- tickets were cheap, but glad I didn't pay any more for this.  
  • "A comfortable trip"    
    I could really recomend this way of travelling. Nice and comfortable and friendly staff. There is really nothing to complain about. Kent/Sweden  
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