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About Italy

Getting there You can get to Ancona from Bologna, Turin and Bari. Best price and travel duration below.

From Rome 03:15 2,727
From Venice 03:29 4,132
From Milan 03:04 3,058
From Bologna 01:44 1,983
From Turin 04:56 3,471
From Bari 03:45 2,975
From Orte 02:49 1,983
From Foggia 02:43 2,645
From Parma 02:40 2,479
From Brindisi 04:47 3,802
From Piacenza 03:06 2,810
From Spoleto 01:56 1,653
From Rimini It 00:50 992
From San Benedetto Del Tron 00:42 909
From Porto S Giorgio 00:33 744
From Civitanova 00:23 661
From Riccione 00:55 909
From Giulianova 01:02 1,157
From Falconara 00:08 248
From Foligno 01:38 1,405
From Pescara 01:08 1,405
From Alba Adriatica N 02:07 1,983

Getting around From Ancona, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Falconara 00:11 248
To Civitanova 00:25 661
To Porto S Giorgio 00:37 744
To San Benedetto Del Tron 00:55 909
To Riccione 00:56 909
To Rimini It 01:09 992
To Foligno 01:50 1,405
To Pescara 01:54 1,405
To Spoleto 02:06 1,653
To Bologna 02:24 1,983
To Alba Adriatica N 02:35 1,983
To Orte 02:46 1,983
To Padua 03:13 3,802
To Parma 03:16 2,479
To Rome 03:26 2,727
To Venice 03:43 4,132
To Foggia 03:44 2,727
To Piacenza 04:08 2,810
To Milan 05:24 3,058
To Bari 05:32 3,471
To Turin 06:10 3,471
To Brindisi 06:55 4,215

While you're there

Ancona, discover and rest!

On the Adriatic coast is the italian city of Ancona. Come to enjoy this seaside resort and discover the city flooded with art and cultural heritage. After visiting a historical site, nothing is better to end the day lazing on a sunny beach.

From the roman times, Ancona kept some remains. Archeology lovers will like to see the triumphal arch of Trajan. It is a 18 meters high monument built during the 2nd century.

To learn more about Antiquity in this region, head the archeological museum. For medieval lovers, wow admiring the Romanesque-byzantine style of the San Ciriaco Cathedrale, dating back to the 12th century. For those who prefer nature, enjoy the beaches and have a walk to the Monte Conero regional park, offering numerous footpath that enable you to enjoy the landscape and the fresh marine air.

You will not have any regret staying in Ancona and in this lovely Italian region.

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  • "Nice and neat journey"    
    The train is clean and comfort. While if the seat space larger will perfect. Also it's bit delay but overly a well travel experience.  
  • "Ancona to Rome "    
    Took the inter cuty train to Rome in early november. Price just over 20 Euros which is cheap för a trip taking 3½ hours. many peeople on board although it is low season for tourists in Italy Accurate in time, not very comfy but ok. Slept most of the time